Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Part One Of Two

I take serious issue with bridesmaid's dresses. I have been in one wedding, and I am coming up on the second and I'm already annoyed. Its not the actual dress itself, but rather the people selling it. The first time around, I had moved down here but the wedding was in NY and therefore I was not able to actually GO to the store and try things on. I had to get measurements and then send them to the place, and they sent me the dress. So off to the bridal place I went.... measurements came back, giant chest and butt, normal waist. (I have what my grandmother affectionately calls an hourglass shape... ask my brother and he will say "built like a football player... J just calls me thick, and this is the description I'm sticking with.) Anyway, I am usually a size 10. Now, I am aware that this does not translate well to bridesmaids dresses, and that it would probably be a little bigger, but imagine my surprise when I called in the measurements and they came back with a 14. A 14?? Excuse me?? No. I told her that I thought maybe a 12 would be better, and she says, "Well, your bust and your waist are measuring a 12, but the hips are a 14 so we need to get the bigger size." Ok. Keep in mind that even though I hadn't seen the dress, SHE had. And when I received said dress, I wanted to strangle her. It was strapless and when I put it on, it fell right back down. Easily. This idiot ordered me a 14 because my hips measured a 14, EXCEPT she failed to mention that the dress was very formfitting through the bust and waist, and then flared out where? Oh. At the hips. So please tell me why I needed it to fit the hips, because in this style, I probably could have gotten a 2 and my hips still would have fit. Dumbass. Anyway, by the time it was taken in TWICE, guess what. It was an 8. Major fail on the part of the woman ordering my dress.

This time, the dress is one I was able to try on. Its adorable, a dark purple color, short, strapless, (no, I am not describing a hooker dress, its very classy and adorable.) And its also formfitting all the way through the hips. At the store, I tried on a 10 that fit perfectly. With a little adjusting to the top, I could have probably just taken that one and called it a day, but oh well. So I tell the lady this is the one I want, (the bride let us choose, wasn't that nice of her??) and she proceeds to measure me. You know where this is going.. they want to order me a 14. No. Nonononononononono. I had on the 10, the 10 fit, I want the 10. And they ARGUE with me.
"Ma'am, your hips are a 41, they will not fit into a 10."
"Um, dumb blond, I just had it on and it DID fit."
And who was she to talk about my measurements? I have an ass, bigger than most white girls but I love it and its a 10, dammit. So I signed a form saying it was ok to order the 10 even though the measurements said differently. Even though she just saw me in the 10. Think outside the box salesgirl, you cannot possibly be that stupid.

Or can you?

This morning the bride called the shop to check the status of my dress. After calling about 10 times, they finally answered the phone. In the middle of getting her information, they hung up on her, and never answered again. So she called me all frustrated, and I tried to call. 5 times, and they answered. I gave them the information, and was put on hold. 10 minutes later, I was hung up on. My temper spiked... I called back, and finally got someone on the line.


"Um, YEAH. I have called twice now and been hung up on. I want to know the status of my bridesmaid's dress. Now."

"I am so sorry I hung up. I had another call." (excuse me???) "Let me transfer you."

Another person- "Yeah hello?"

Me "Hi, I am calling to check on-"

Her "Um yes, I just called you back and left a message to let you know the dress is here."

Me (so irritated at being cut off and her entire tone) "Wow, thanks. I'm so glad I needed to CALL YOU to know that my dress is in." Click.

I have to go get it now. Unless I get arrested for choking this woman with the dress, I will let you know how it goes tomorrow. I'm sorry, but am I wrong in assuming that if you pay $150 for a dress, that you can at least be notified when it comes in, without attitude, without jumping through hoops? I guess not. All I needed to do was read the reviews of this place and I have my answer. Here I go..


Will Burke said...

At my wedding, one of my wife's friends was generously proportioned, and the dress staff made similar assumptions. Appearently, this indusrty is full of people who meed to be monitered closely.

Murdock's mama said...

It may just be me but I have never had too assistance when I went to a bridal store...they are all RUDE! Good luck!

LiLu said...

Oh, Lordy. Now I am very, very glad my bride handled everything for me...

Shell said...

What a pain! I hate the way that they measure things for weddings. Makes no sense.

Jennifer said...

So, would you rather have a dress you hated or sales people you hated? :)

Rachel said...

Will- What is wrong with these people?? In no universe am I a tiny person, but also in NO UNIVERSE am I a 14. In anything.
Murdock's Mama- Yes, they are rude. And I don't get it, because there are MANY other places to bring business and therefore you would think they would be very accomodating.
LiLu- She tried to handle it but since she has a lot going on and couldn't get through, I took care of it. But yes, be very happy :)
Shell- it really makes no sense if I am standing in front of them wearing the 10, and they still insist that I need 2 sizes bigger.
Jennifer- Touche :)