Monday, March 1, 2010

One Of My Many Secrets

I consider myself to be a fairly open person when it comes to my life. I'm not extremely private, and for the most part if you ask, I will tell. With that being said, I tend to be more private when it comes to my family. And you are not going to get the whole story here, but I will let you in on a small part.

I have an older brother. This is not exactly a secret for people who know me personally, but since I usually only discuss my younger brother, people are surprised when they hear this for the first time. He is my half brother, and we were thisclose when we were little. Times and circumstances happened, and an EXTREMELY long story short, we are anything but close anymore. We spoke for the first time in years in September. My father had some pretty serious health scares and so I tracked him down and filled him in on what was going on. We had a pretty heartfelt conversation, (actually I think we had 2 althogether,) and we found each other on Facebook, and have been ever so slightly keeping in touch. I learned a few things from him during these conversations. One: He works on a scallop boat. Two: He wishes he had done some things differently and that we were closer. And the third, and the reason for this post.... he spends a couple months each winter in South America, mainly Chile. Guess where he was this weekend..

No need to worry, because after a day of stressing out he updated Facebook to say that he was ok, but his vacation would be extended due to "the end of the world." I can't imagine being there during this time, and seeing all the devastation, and being probably the most scared anyone could be in their entire life. I am going to keep checking to see when he is back in the country, and then I will call and see if he wants to talk. Life is too short.


WhisperingWriter said...

Oh wow, glad he's okay.

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh that had to be traumatizing for him. :/ I'm sorry you two have a strained relationship. I do with all three of my siblings. I don't talk to 2 and the other I barely talk to. My daughter Skye has 4 from her dad and his wife and she doesn't talk to anyone. Life isn't easy. Always remember that God is using you. You might not need your brother. It may be he who needs you ;) *hugs*

Rachel said...

This is true.. I really hope that one day we can have an easy relationship, but it will definitely take work!

Jenn said...

So glad he's okay! That's quite scary. It seems sibling rifts and tragic life events are goin around these days. Life is short, you know?

Anyway, thanks for grabbing my button. I'd tell you how to make one, but I have NO CLUE! Shell did it all! Let me know if you get one and I'll grab yours too! :)