Thursday, March 11, 2010

Oh You Thought I Might Relax Tonight? You're Cute :)

Its Thursday, and I realized that I haven't written anything in a couple of days. Its been a little crazy at work, and therefore they are expecting me to work ALL DAY instead of posting on blogger. I know, I work for slavedrivers. I will also probably be here late today but that's ok because I gave away my shift at Target. I know you are thinking I will be doing something fabulous on my night off.... perhaps you think I will be taking in some after work drinks, or going to the gym, or even maybe going on a little date with J. Well, you would be wrong. Mama needs to clean the apartment. No, seriously. It is OUT OF CONTROL. I got home last night and looked around like I was seeing it for the first time and thought, do I really live here?? Not good folks. Not good at all. There are piles of clothes in the bathroom, bedroom, closet, and in front of the washer. The kitchen contains zero clean dishes, and the sink is broken and apparently overflowed last night when J tried to clean up, so there is nasty water residue on the floor. (He attempted to clean it up... with an old shirt... and didn't nearly get all of it. I guess he thought it would evaporate since I stepped in a puddle when I got home, but to be fair to him I also left it there. What?? I was tired!) The living room is a cloud of pet fur, and the bedroom floor is covered in feathers from my feather bed that has a hole in it. Needle and thread? I don't understand..

The last time the apartment had a good cleaning was, um, before Christmas. It was my New Years resolution to be better at cleaning. Needless to say, that resolution and I parted ways at the speed of sound. Every time I do a really thorough cleaning, I promise myself to never let it get like that again. I say that I will do a small cleaning every day or every other day so that it always looks good. It's yet to happen that I keep this up more than a week or so. I live in a really nice apartment, one that I fought over with J because even though its expensive, its worth it. It has black appliances and countertops, brushed nickle fixtures, big bedrooms, and lots of windows. I'm not treating it right. So tonight when I get home, there will be no drinks or date or even the gym. I will scrub, vaccum, wash the floors/sinks/tub, dust, and, ahem, take down the Christmas tree. I heard a nasty rumor that some people actually took theirs down in January. I choose not to believe this nonsense.


Michelle Hoad said...

Mine is nasty right now. But with seven kids, it's really easy to get that way. Really fast.

Shell said...

Take down your Christmas tree??? LMAO You could just decorate it with Easter eggs.

I think I'm about 25 loads of laundry behind around here.

Leiah said...

I starting praying when I pull in my driveway there won't be two yellow tape Xs over the door with a sign that says "Closed By Order Of The Health Department". Seriously. I did 8 loads of laundry Sunday and I'm still not finished. Did I mention I'm the only one who lives at my house. Um, yeah.