Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Exciting News!!

I got an email last week from one of my fav bloggers, LiLu, asking me if I would like to participate in co-writing a new blog, In It To Gym It. It looks like it has really taken off and although I haven't posted yet, I am very excited to be taking part in this. It is a support system for people who want to lose weight and get healthy, and a place to talk about accomplishments, to vent about frustrations, etc. I really like it so far, and I hope to post something later today if I have time. You all know how busy I am, and that I don't have a lot of time for working out, so I'm hoping this will make it easier for me to get out of bed on my days off and do SOMETHING. Anything. I eat healthy but that's less than half the battle for weight loss. I know that more than 60% is exercise so as a result, I'm not gaining weight but I'm not losing it either. I just have to realized that even if I can only go to the gym a couple times a week, well, its better than no times at all. If you are interested in checking it out, click the link above and enjoy :) Some of the stories are hilarious, I was in tears laughing over one yesterday. I think its going to be great. And thanks LiLu for putting it together, this was a great idea!!


Elizabeth said...

How awesome for you!! Happy for you!!! :-)

LiLu said...

You're welcome!!! I'm so excited about this. Thanks for being part of it!

Michelle Hoad said...

I can't loose any weight and I'm getting really frustrated. I'm really watching what I eat and even though I don't go to the gym, I chase seven kids around all day. Doesn't that count?????