Monday, March 22, 2010

Fun With Allergies

Thanks to everyone who read and commented on my last blog, (Especially Will, since when does a man volunteer to hear a woman complain??? So, standing ovation for Will, who has a very lucky wife.) Sorry for all the venting, but hey, I think it will be a better week so maybe you don't need to hear it for a few days? (Unless you know me in real life. Then I am not promising anything..)

Even though today is Monday, its a good day so far. Its gorgeous outside, and from my desk I see blue sky and about a million trees with little white flowers on them, just waiting to cause me headaches, sinus infections, and a lot of sneezing. Everyone, including J, is having some sort of allergy attack today. The woman who sits in front of me has even broken out in hives of some sort, and sinus meds were flying off the shelves this weekend in Target. Everyone is affected... everyone, except me. Which is strange, because I always get a sinus infection this time of year, and it is one of the rare times I will go to the doctor without procrastination. I learned this lesson in college when I got one so bad that I had to go to the ER in the middle of the night, and my alcoholic boyfriend was drunk so I had to drive myself, and he stepped on my kitten that night.... story for another time. (The kitten survived.) Anyway, when I arrived they took one look and let me lay down in a bed until they could get to me. UNHEARD OF. And also proof that yes, I let it get THAT BAD. Never again. But for some reason, I am Claritin Clear, without the Claritin. And I think its totally by accident. See, I was doing some reading this weekend about foods to eat to alleviate certain ills, and greens were on the list for allergies. Interesting, since I eat between 2-4 handfuls of greens every day between salads and smoothies. And this is along with other fruits and vegetables. I'm not saying its working, because allergy season has just begun. But I am going to take a risk for the sake of science, and I am NOT going to start popping my allergy pill. I am going to wait and see if all these greens can prevent symptoms in the first place. I may live to regret this, seeing as allergies usually leave me down and out for about a week, but if not then it will be worth it. I'm not huge on taking a lot of meds, but I am also a wimp when it comes to pain, therefore I take allergy pills and migraine meds and all that at the first signs. (Also since eating greens... migraines are MUCH fewer and further between. If you don't get migraines, you have NO IDEA the relief this is.) So if I can eliminate the allergy pills, I will be happy. If not...well, I guess that will explain my next "I'm Complaining" post. Because if you think I am a good complainer now? Wait till I'm sick :)