Monday, March 15, 2010

Fun Facts

Its Monday and I feel like crap because I had macaroni and cheese last night for dinner. I KNOW. I don't know what I was thinking. But its all good, I'm not going to let a small setback ruin my mood, which is decent for a Monday. I have a couple little tidbits to share that I learned this weekend, so enjoy :)

Did you know that eating one pound of meat is equivalent to driving 40 miles in an SUV? This means that it took THAT MUCH energy to produce one pound. Times that by all the thousand pound cows, plus pigs, chickens, and whatever else, times 9 billion animals per YEAR that it takes to feed America, and yeah. That's mind blowing. If people could make at least one day a week in their household meat free, think of the impact that could have.

A disturbing fact that I learned from this month's Women's Health magazine.. if not for government subsidies, conventionally grown produce would cost astronomically MORE than organic, due to the costs of chemicals and pesticides. I'm really happy to see that our government will happily offer millions to farmers in order to get them to spray their soil and crops with poison instead of giving the population affordable organic, chemical-free food. I am not really a conspiracy theorist when it comes to a lot of things, but I am getting more and more skeptical of the way our food is being regulated. Also mind blowing, in my opinion.

Speaking of organic, I love shopping at Whole Foods. When I tell people this, they like to counter with, "But WF is SOOOO expensive." Well, since Target actually carries a bunch of organic produce and also the soup I like, I started buying it there. Until I realized that the soup was over a dollar more at Target, and the spinach that I buy a ton of every week was also $.50 more. So I don't really get the argument that its so expensive. Organic is going to be expensive no matter where you buy it, thanks to the government apparently.

While at WF, I asked a worker about vitamins. (One of the main things I love about this store is that the people who work there actually know what they are talking about. Any other grocery store would be all like, "I don't know.." while giving a blank stare.) Anyway, I was curious about D and B12. I take a supplement for B12 anyway because I don't think I get enough with my diet, but I wanted to know more and if there was a better one since mine is a pretty generic brand. He pointed me the way of liquid B12. I took it yesterday before work and I would swear it gave me more energy. I wasn't even looking for it to do that, and of course I forgot to take it this morning, but I am definitely liking it. And J is starting to take the D vitamin, even though he sighs heavily when I hand it to him. Another tidbit about J... he is black, and he will swear that black people don't like the sun. He is literally almost never in the sun for any length of time. So I told him he needs to take the supplement with me, because even though I am in the sun in the summer, I'm sure I don't get enough year-round.

I got a delicious mixed-berry cup while I was there. It had strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries in it. And I also enjoyed the warning: "May Contain Strawberries." I understand people have allergies, but what dumbass needs the warning when the cup is clear, and you can SEE them? If you were allergic to strawberries, you wouldn't buy it. (I hope.) But I'm sure that at one point, someone was stupid enough to do it anyway, thus the warning.