Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Standing strong..

So yesterday I was mad at myself for eating pizza when I definitely didn't need too. Today I am proud of myself for avoiding bagels that were brought in for the IT department. Not only are they bagels, they are FRESH bagels, with every imaginable cream cheese, and they are sitting on a table in the main hall that I walk down oh, 50 times a day. And I can smell them at my desk. I had a bagel this morning but that doesn't matter because it was a Lender's bagel and so NOT the same. However, lunch is in a half hour, and I know that I have delicious naan and something else that I discovered... Jello Dark Chocolate Mousse Cups. 60 calories a cup and SO delicious. I have no idea whether or not these come in other flavors because I saw dark chocolate and got tunnel vision, but definitely check these out. They are perfect if you are like me and need something sweet after meals. Anyway, so far I am standing strong and avoiding the bagels.