Thursday, February 11, 2010

Money money money mon-ay... MON-AY!

Yep, I got my tax return today. And even though I'm not doing anything super fancy or exciting with it, I am super excited. It means I can catch up on some bills. NC had a period of about 2 weeks where the weather was really cold, and my southern apartment is just not equipped to handle such temperatures. It isn't well insulated, plus I live on the third floor because I refuse to have anyone above me. So the heat was just... floating away. That little cold snap cost me $400 in electricity. And no, that isn't a typo. So between that, and the fact that I've been strapped for cash for a MINUTE, (as the boyfriend would say,) means that I'm behind on almost all bills. And my little tax return is going to help a whole lot with this, and take a lot of stress off my shoulders. It also means I can go grocery shopping with a slightly less-tight budget. I like grocery shopping when I can buy what I want to buy and not worry so much about sales and coupons and all that craziness. You know by now that I really like food, so when there are no budgetary restrictions, its ALMOST as much fun as buying shoes.
Speaking of shoes, the boyfriend told me to buy something for myself with some of the money, and not to spend it all on bills. I plan to catch up and pay bills FIRST and see what I have left, and then perhaps I will buy one of two pairs of shoes that I've been eyeing for a bit. You see them... help me decide!


Will Burke said...

Congrats on getting a boost out of that downward-spiral! Unexpected bills are such a pain in the prosterior!

Rachel said...

Yes they are. And I just paid my cell phone bill, which I have consistently been one month behind on for over a year. And now I am caught up, and its a HUGE weight off :)