Thursday, February 18, 2010

The journey

The first thing I want to share today is this AMAZING green smoothie I made last night. It was inspired by, but not stolen from, ideas from Kristen. There are some things on her site that she talks about all the time, like Raw Chocolate, and Hemp Protein Powder, and I had no clue where to get these things. She has a link on her website so I figured I would order it all from there, until I went to Whole Foods last night and turned a corner and bam! It was all there, lined right up like I had asked for it or something. I wasn't even looking for it, so I was super excited. So I bought the chocolate and the protein powder and a bunch of fruit, and made this:

One mango

One banana

Handful of Raw chocolate

Two tablespoons of hemp powder

One handful each swiss chard and baby spinach

Splash of vanilla extract

It was lime green colored, chocolate flavored greatness. I also had one for breakfast. Last night I paired this smoothie with a sandwich on whole wheat bread, with tomato, avocado, and a sprinkle of organic mozzarella. This morning, I brought two more bananas and peanut butter for either a mid morning or afternoon snack, whenever I feel like it. I'm getting a Quiznos salad, (I know, I just ruined it didn't I..) but at least its a salad with dressing that I will add MYSELF, and not a giant sandwich or something. I'm PMSing, I'm entitled. Especially since I only had 2 Thin Mints yesterday. EXTREME willpower.

I was thinking last night about all the stages people go through to lose weight and/or be healthy. I was thinking that there are a lot of people out there who are starting their progress in baby steps, like switching to baked chips, or giving up soda. (Soda is the devil. If you still drink it, STOP.) There are people who are starting to put mustard instead of mayonnaise on their sandwiches, and trying to eat more turkey than ham. People who are trying to drink more water, but can't stand water, so they flavor it somehow. And to these people, I say good job. Keep it up. Because everyone has to start somewhere, and not everyone can make a giant, drastic, green smoothie change all in one day. Not everyone understands or cares about organic produce, or the importance of NOT DRINKING SODA. I think becoming healthy is a journey, and anything big or small that you can do to improve your health, you should do it and feel good about it. When I started eating meat again after high school, I decided I could never give it up again. I have been meat free now for over a year and I don't really miss it. When I first heard about eating Raw, years and years ago, I didn't even give it a second thought. I dismissed it as something I could never do. (And to be fair, I still don't think I could do it completely. I love spaghetti too much.) But as you learn and grow, you discover things about yourself that you can do, that all of a sudden you WANT to do. So for the people who are taking their food journey in baby steps, I am SO proud of you. One day you will look back and see how far you have come, and you will be proud too.


Angie said...

I've recently started trying to make myself eat healthier - more yogurt, drink water - something I have never really done, except when pg, not as much fried (*gasp* yes I use a deep fryer a couple times a week - BAD, I know... but I am trying!)
I've even looked into starting to do smoothies for me and the boys, but will need to buy a blender first!
Thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

That's a cool post! I wish I could convince my husband that soda is evil! lol He used to think Dr Pepper was a food group. :O I broke him of that. He's cut down a lot on the amt. of soda's he drinks but he still feels like he HAS to get one when we eat out anywhere. I'm praying about that one ;)

Leiah said...

I've been drinking green smoothies since early November. Mine are mixed fruit, a little water, tons & tons of spinach (4 cups or so), sometimes a banana, a little coconut oil and a teeny squirt of Agave. Tremendous amount of energy and absolutely eliminated all cravings for any kind of sugar or carbs. I'm following you now. I think I've seen you on Michelle's place (Table for Nine) but just saw you again at Crazy Texas Mommy's. Have a great week!

Rachel said...

Angie- Definitely buy a blender, it helps SO MUCH, and I love the smoothies I make with it. It has become my daily breakfast routine. Kristy- Keep trying. Soda is the WORST, but I understand, trying to change a man's eating habits is hard lol. Leiah- thanks for being a new follower! Aren't the smoothies the best? I added kiwi to mine this morning and I am enjoying it right now :) I'm headed over to your blog now to check it out, and yes, I love Michelle and CTM, they always make me laugh!