Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hanging on by a thread

Today, my willpower is being tested. I am trying to avoid processed sugar for a while because of the seriously ridiculous binge I went on last week, and what happens today? Oh right... GIRL SCOUT COOKIE DAY. That's right. I ordered three boxes and they are here, today of all days. They have been shoved into my bag, out of sight but not out of mind. They are actually so on my mind that I'm debating giving them away, but then BF would be mad. Two of the boxes are for him. I don't usually stress about eating sugar, because I don't usually eat a whole lot of it, but I really don't know what happened last week. I couldn't get enough. Cookie dough... ice cream... chocolates... and I'm talking like 3 containers of ice cream. And I don't even usually like ice cream. I feel like an addict right now, jonesing for my sugar. Normally, the mango and two kiwi I had for breakfast would have been enough and the "sweet" craving would have been satisfied, so I guess that goes to show you how hard it is to recover from even just a few days of bad eating. But I will do it. Hormones and all from PMSing, I will do it. I'm not stupid.. I know that if I cut it cold turkey I will binge on it sooner or later. I am allowing myself a dark chocolate Jello Mousse cup after lunch. But the cookies are burning out of my bag and staring at me with their Thin-Mint eyes. They WILL wait.

Damn you Juliette Low. Damn you.


Will Burke said...

Sure appreciate you being so candid! It was good to remember such cravings when someone offered me coke (not the beverage). The Last thing I needed was to acquire a taste for something so devastating when coffee & cigarettes had enough of a grip on me!