Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Not perfect..

So even though losing weight was not my New Year's resolution this year, OF COURSE it has been on my mind. Not a lot, like 15 pounds and tone up a little, but it's a very stubborn 15 pounds and it wants to stay. So since my work schedule makes it impossible to go to the gym that I pay $50 a month for, I have been trying to eat better. Since the detox I have been trying to incorporate more fruits and vegetables in every day, and I think I'm doing a good job. I even did pushups on my register at Target the other day.. I was bored :)

Anyway, everything was going fairly well until today. I brought in some of my FABULOUS newfound naan bread topped with a whole zucchini and a half a green pepper, and then I got a pop up reminding me of the catered lunch in the conference room at 12. I had zero recollection of this, but decided to wander down. I should have turned right around when I saw that it was either pizza or meat filled sandwiches, but I didn't. The smell of pizza was pulling me in, and I got 3 pieces. I would have preferred a sandwich, but like I said, meat filled and I don't eat meat. The pizza was SO. GOOD. So was the chocolate covered chocolate cake I had for dessert. About 10 minutes after I ate this, I got SO bloated and super uncomfortable. And now almost 3 hours later, I am tired and have a slight headache. What did this teach me? I need to have willpower!! I should have eaten the naan!! WHAT was I thinking?? Its not like I brought something that I didn't like but brought because it was healthy, I REALLY like the naan. And I was excited to have it. Something broke down. 15 stubborn pounds are not going to come off if I cave every time I'm tempted with bad food.

Just want to point out, I do not beat myself up every time I make a bad decision. I have been going through a serious Ben and Jerry's binge, and that hasn't bothered me one bit. But the pizza thing is because I had something else, something GOOD for lunch and I ate pizza anyway. Because this is a very long day for me and now I feel like crap. And I knew it would happen. So I'm a little mad at myself. Tomorrow's lunch? Naan. Whether or not Papa John personally caters my favorite pizza to my DESK, I will still eat the naan. And I bet I feel much better afterwards.


Jennifer said...

It's REALLY hard when you work in an office. Someone is always bringing in donuts or asking you to go out to lunch. I think making sure you always have plenty of healthy food to get you through the day is the best start :)