Friday, June 25, 2010

What Are You Drinking??

Hello everyone :)  I hope you all had a good Friday.  Mine is a REALLY good one, because not only do I not work at Target tonight, I don't need to go in tomorrow till 4!!  So it truly feels like a "Friday" to me, and not just another day.  I did of course work at my full time job today, and it went by fairly quickly.  I didn't have a lot of my own work to do, so I spent the day helping my boss with his grunt work.  I don't ever really want to be a manager, too much busy work, spreadsheets, and nonsense to do all day.
My older readers know that I started this position at my full time job back in January.  Before then, I had a position with the business-part of my company, with a small, close-knit team.  I worked with them for 2.5 years, and they were all pretty used to the stuff I ate, and were curious, and sometimes wanted to try it.  My new team, now on the IT side of the building, is a much bigger team, less close, and looks at me sometimes like I have 2 heads for what I bring in to eat.

Case in point...

                                          (Sorry for the dirty stove, I promise it's clean now lol.)

I have one of these most mornings of the week.  A much larger version, it usually fills a travel mug, and has some variety of fruit, powders, and spinach or kale.  I have been in my department now for 6 months, and people are finally letting their curiosity get the better of them, so I have been recently asked by a lot of people.. "What on earth are you drinking?"  I think it's hilarious.  I always ask if they just noticed that I bring this in all the time, and they usually say no, they have noticed for a while, but never wanted to ask.  I tell them, they usually get a grossed out look, smile politely, and walk away surely thinking, she's crazy.  I have posted about green smoothies before, I started drinking them during my raw experiment and never looked back.  I really like them a lot.  Mine usually contain some combination of the following: banana, strawberries, blueberries, mango, kiwi, spinach, kale, hemp protein powder, maca powder, raw chocolate powder, peanut butter, vanilla extract... one time I even put canned pumpkin in, added cinnamon and nutmeg, and it was pretty decent.  I have had them with all those fruits at once, and some with just spinach, banana, peanut butter and water.  I drink them because I really dislike cooked spinach, and I will put way more greens into a smoothie than I will into a salad.  Plus, who wouldn't want to get most of their veggie servings out of the way in the morning, and have it all taste like fruit? 
Sadly, this morning I had oatmeal.  Plain Jane, I know.  I jazzed it up with a half pint of blueberries and some cottage cheese, but then I realized tonight that I didn't get any greens today.  So..

This would be salad with spinach, kale, an apple, and some grated cheddar cheese, all drizzled with Annie's Goddess dressing.  Usually I like my salads with a lot more "stuff," but its so hot and I'm not all that hungry.  Plus, I made more guacamole and its chillin in the fridge, so I need room for that later!
Anyway, I am off to watch some Bethany Getting Married.. Lord knows I love me some Real Housewives and anything Housewives-related!  Tomorrow I am thinking I may wake up early to beat the heat for a run, and then off to the pool before work.  I hope everyone has a great Saturday!


Candance said...

That salad looks good and I don't even like fruit in my food. Does that make sense? Like, I don't like grapes and nuts in tuna. I like eggs and pickles. I don't know. It looks good and makes me feel pretty bad about the Oreos I had earlier.

Oh yeah, and, because of you and your Blizzard I had one on Wednesday. I'd craved one since I read your post, but after I took NJ to work, then went back to work because he'd realized he forgot whatever he forgot, the DQ would be closed. Every night. So Wednesday? I went large. I haven't been right since.

Nikosmommy said...

That's a good lookin' salad! I actually love a load of different stuff in my salads...the more nuts, cheese, beans, avocado etc. the better!!

WhisperingWriter said...

I'd eat the salad.

The smoothie, no thank you.

Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

love the comment you left me tonite :)

bethany--i have 2 episodes on my dvr to watch, cant wait! i loved the 1st one and cant wait for the rest!

Will Burke said...

That was your stove? Thank God -- I thought you sneaked into my house to take a picture of your smoothy. I take it back; you're not a weirdo after all!

Brittany @ A Healthy Slice of Life said...

I do love sneaking veggies in a smoothie- brilliant!

I haven't seen any of Bethanny gets Married yet, but I do think she's pretty funny, so I look forward to it :)

Anonymous said...

haha girl I get weird looks too. They're just jealous that you're enjoying foods that will make you live longer ;)

I had to do a double take on the salad cuz I thought you were still talking about oatmeal!

Shell said...

I need someone to make me one of those smoothies and just not tell me what is in it.

Anonymous said...

oh yaaaaa- LOVING the housewives :) Know you are not alone in your addiction- lol!!
I have heard a bunch of good things about that dressing- I'm curious to try it.

Lisa (I'm an Okie) said...

I have actually never watched ANY of the housewives stuff. Im kind of glad though--I dont need another TV addiction. I've already got plentY! :)

Salads look good. I havent brought a green monster to work yet..I should though. Im sure my coworkers would get a kick out of it!