Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Little Of This And That

Hello everyone!  I am trying really hard to get things back to normal around here.  I am slowly feeling my mood improve as the days go by, and I am considering taking Target up on their offer of 3 free counseling sessions to get a little more of a boost out of this mood.  We will see.  Anyway, I have a post in mind that I want to do, bashing a Cosmo article that I recently read, but since I don't have it in front of me I will do it later.  (Disclaimer:  I usually love Cosmo as mindless reading, but this article really struck a nerve.  You will see..)  So, I have some random info to share today.

  • I finally got a Twitter account.  I always made fun of Twitter, but then saw that it was one more thing I can link my blog too, so I sucked it up and did it.  It's on my sidebar, so follow if you want!  I'm still figuring it out, like my picture for example... how annoying that it needs to be a certain size.  I have like 7 pictures out of a million that are small enough.
  • Last week I came home to see a huge section of the yard right next to my building that is marked off with caution tape and stakes.  I was curious what they could be building there, so I went into the office and asked.  Worst case scenario ensued... they are building a DOG PARK.  Right under my window.  If you remember, Molly HATES dogs.  We have a pet station in that yard, and she freaks out if a dog goes there, barking and going crazy till they leave.  Can you imagine the chaos if there is an entire DOG PARK under the window?  J works nights and sleeps during the day.  I know you see how this can be bad.  We may seriously need to switch apartments, because I know damn well we wouldn't have chosen that particular one if the park had been there when we moved in.
  • I went out with friends to see SATC2 on Saturday.  By the way, Saturday was a great day.  I had it off from Target, and I laid in the sun all afternoon.  When I went down to the pool, two girls called me over to hang out because they were trying to start a party.  One was really tan, and I pointed it out and said I was jealous.  She said, "Well, you are really skinny and able to wear that string bikini, so we're even."  Um yeah.  Friends for life now, she called me skinny.
  • Oh yeah, SATC2.  It was very cute and hilarious.  Not as good as the first one, in my opinion, but it was still a fun movie.  And I'm not sure if they were actually filming in the Middle East, but wow.... wherever they were filming was beautiful, and I want to go there.
  • I still don't have an update on the good news that I said I may have in my last post.  It might be a couple of weeks, or not at all.  But I didn't forget, and I will definitely follow up if/when it happens :)
So that's all for this morning.  I want to thank you all again for your awesome support during the past few weeks.  I love all my blog friends!!  Have a great day :)


Will Burke said...

Good to hear that you're doing a little better, and the counselling could be a good idea. My cat never saw another cat untill she was 4yo, then she made sounds that made my think someone was pulling her kidneys out her asshole. Then she balled-up in my lad and shook. Now she lives with another cat in an uneasy truce. Pets can acclimatize, good luck!

Brittany @ A Healthy Slice of Life said...

I don't really understand twitter either...

Glad your mood is up! I'm jealous about the dog park though. My Pup would be thrilllllled to have friends nearby to play with ;)

LiLu said...

I thought that was you who followed me on Twitter yesterday! Following back now :-)

Anonymous said...

I started following you today on Twitter :) (@amy5719)

You should def take on those free sessions. I'm sure they'd help. There's nothing wrong with some added support. Hope things continue to get better!

Rachel said...

Will- Wow, love the description of the cat sound lol. I don't know if Molly will adjust though... we have been here for two years, and every time a dog comes down there, it's game on.
Brittany- Glad to know I'm not the only one! Your dog is probably normal and not insane, therefore the dog park is not a nightmare :)
Itschaotic- Thanks! I sent a request to follow you back. I am still thinking about the sessions, I probably will do it but ya know, the hardest part is making the call.