Monday, September 20, 2010

It's Been A While

Hello everyone!  Remember me?  I've been gone for a while, for a few reasons.  My system at work is down at the moment and so I decided to take some time and try to explain myself.

The first, (and main,) reason for not posting is because J and I are having serious problems right now.  I don't want to get all into it, but we live together and that makes for a pretty uncomfortable household.  The good thing is that for 4 days out of the week, we don't tend to run into each other.  The weekends are a whole other story.  I've gotten to the point where I don't look forward to Fridays, I dread them.  I dread the weekends, and hate being home.  The tension is really stressful, and it's causing me to shut down a little and kind of turn inward, hence not blogging.  I mostly want to chill with Molly, go walking with her, watch TV, and sleep.  I've noticed that I will shut my phone off or simply not answer it because I don't feel like talking about it.  Technically, we are not together right now.  Financially, it's not as simple as it should be to move out so we are kind of stuck living together for now.  Thank God for two separate bedrooms and opposite work schedules, that's all I have to say.  We are cordial to each other, but it still is stressful. 

On top of relationship troubles, my family and I are not really getting along either.  This is more complicated, but at the same time it's more common and familiar.  There is always some kind of drama happening there, we can never get along for any real length of time especially when we are all together in person.  This last trip home wasn't as pleasant as I had hoped and there hasn't been any resolve since then.  Again, I don't want to really get all into it but it's adding to my stress.

I am trying to work through things as best as I can.  Molly and I walked 8 miles this weekend.  Each day we walked 4, and I mean really walked.  I was out of breath and sweating, and I'm pretty sore today from it.  I wasn't in the mood to run, but I almost think walking kicked my ass just as bad.  I have the mother of all headaches today, but if it goes away in time I am going to take her out again after work.  I'm thinking a shorter walk, finished up with some time on the stepper at the complex fitness center.  I will see how I feel, and how much I get into the groove of walking.  That was actually my plan for yesterday but once we started and I could see Molly was enjoying herself, I just kept on walking instead. 

I've been eating basically all the same things.  I don't have my camera with me so no pics today, but I have been making homemade nachos lately and they are so super good.  I take tortilla chips and cover them with pico de gallo and black olives, cheddar and mozzarella cheese, and bake them at 350 for about 15 minutes.  I eat them with refried beans, sour cream and guac.  It's not the healthiest thing in the world, but it could be worse and they taste SOO good.  I've been experimenting with pizza, and mixing half vegan cheese with the regular mozzarella that I use.  It tasted just fine and cuts down on all that cheese. 

In a nutshell, that's been my life the past few weeks.  I don't know if I'm coping the best way, but even if I don't necessarily feel like chatting a whole lot, at least I'm channeling some of the stress into exercising and cooking.  I need to try to get back into blogging because I do really enjoy it, so we will see.  I hope everyone is doing well and I will be back soon :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day!!

Oh yes.  It was definitely Labor Day.  My feet are throbbing, my back hurts, and my eyes feel like sandpaper.  What from you ask?  Carpet vacuuming, shampooing, furniture moving and also vacuuming, trash takeout, lugging the rug doctor up 3 flights of stairs... dust and cat/dog hair everywhere... I'm worn OUT.  Not to mention making a pizza for a friend at work, and cutting up some fruit for the week ahead.  But the good news is that I get to disguise my usual messy self from Danielle, and I will trick her into thinking I live in a super clean apartment all the time.  (Unless she looks in my closet.  Then, the cover will be blown.)

The morning started out with a waffle creation.  It began with these:

There is no real reason for gluten-free, it was the only blueberry I could find.  Couldn't even tell!

Added some honey:

Peanut butter and banana..

I smushed them together and ate it like a sandwich.  It was a great start to the day!  And it managed to sustain me through almost the entire day of manual labor cleaning.

After I moved the living room furniture, (including an elliptical machine,) wrangled a million pound carpet cleaner up three flights of stairs, shampooed the carpet, moved the furniture back, vacuumed the furniture, carried the carpet cleaner plus 4 bags of trash downstairs, did a load of dishes, a load of laundry, and scrubbed down the kitchen... yes, after all that I had to make the pizza for my friend.  Of course this meant I made one for myself for dinner as well.  It always cracks me up to watch the dough go from this:

To this:

And then to this :)

Yum!  And yes I know it's a hideous plate.  It came from J.

Like I said, I'm exhausted.  The final part of the Real Housewives NJ reunion is on tonight and I can't wait to see it.  It's actually on now but I'm waiting and recording it so I can fast forward commercials.  I hate commercials.  Anyway, back to work tomorrow but it's all good cause I'm excited to meet Danielle and hang out with her Wednesday.  For now, I have a date with New Jersey and some of this:

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Excuses, Excuses

Wow, it's been almost a week since I last posted.  Sorry guys.. the last few days have totally gotten away from me.  I had a migraine for a week straight and it took a LOT out of me.  I'm in a crunch time at work and therefore have ended up spending the work hours super stressed.  I came home from work and all I wanted to do was collapse and not think about anything.  This weekend has been spent cleaning cause Danielle is coming to stay with me, yay!!  But as I've explained in the past, I'm not the neatest person on earth.  Bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, check.  (Minus a load or so of dishes.)  Tomorrow I have to tackle the living room and the carpets and then everything will be ready to go.  I'm excited since this is my first blogger meetup!  (And praying that for once I can actually take a perfectly clean house and maybe, I don't know, KEEP IT THAT WAY.  We will see..) 

I also don't have any food pics for you.  But I haven't eaten anything you haven't already seen before.  Today I had mac and cheese for breakfast, apple jacks for lunch, and a yogurt mess for dinner.  I'm aware that none of that really makes any sense but it's what I wanted at those times.  I forget how strenuous cleaning is so right now my back and legs are super sore.  I took Molly for a walk this evening to stretch my legs, I think we went for a mile or so and it was nice and relaxing.  Right now as I'm typing this I'm realizing I'm starving... it's 11 at night, oh what to do.  Anyway, this has turned into rambling and was never very interesting to begin with so I will end this now.  I hope you are all enjoying your long weekend, I will see you soon :)