Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day!!

Oh yes.  It was definitely Labor Day.  My feet are throbbing, my back hurts, and my eyes feel like sandpaper.  What from you ask?  Carpet vacuuming, shampooing, furniture moving and also vacuuming, trash takeout, lugging the rug doctor up 3 flights of stairs... dust and cat/dog hair everywhere... I'm worn OUT.  Not to mention making a pizza for a friend at work, and cutting up some fruit for the week ahead.  But the good news is that I get to disguise my usual messy self from Danielle, and I will trick her into thinking I live in a super clean apartment all the time.  (Unless she looks in my closet.  Then, the cover will be blown.)

The morning started out with a waffle creation.  It began with these:

There is no real reason for gluten-free, it was the only blueberry I could find.  Couldn't even tell!

Added some honey:

Peanut butter and banana..

I smushed them together and ate it like a sandwich.  It was a great start to the day!  And it managed to sustain me through almost the entire day of manual labor cleaning.

After I moved the living room furniture, (including an elliptical machine,) wrangled a million pound carpet cleaner up three flights of stairs, shampooed the carpet, moved the furniture back, vacuumed the furniture, carried the carpet cleaner plus 4 bags of trash downstairs, did a load of dishes, a load of laundry, and scrubbed down the kitchen... yes, after all that I had to make the pizza for my friend.  Of course this meant I made one for myself for dinner as well.  It always cracks me up to watch the dough go from this:

To this:

And then to this :)

Yum!  And yes I know it's a hideous plate.  It came from J.

Like I said, I'm exhausted.  The final part of the Real Housewives NJ reunion is on tonight and I can't wait to see it.  It's actually on now but I'm waiting and recording it so I can fast forward commercials.  I hate commercials.  Anyway, back to work tomorrow but it's all good cause I'm excited to meet Danielle and hang out with her Wednesday.  For now, I have a date with New Jersey and some of this:


Brittany @ A Healthy Slice of Life said...

"It's a hideous plate"- haha! :)

I love watching dough rise, too- kinda makes me proud. Weird? YUP.

Juliana said...

That pizza looks TOTS delish! I wish you lived closer so I could mooch off your delicious creations xo

WhisperingWriter said...

Yummy. I'm hungry now.

Danielle said...

That pizza was so yummy. Even a couple days later!

And I miss you. Blog soon! I need to know what's going on in your life :).

Will Burke said...

Home made pizza is great, 'cause most places (except Dominoes) skimp on the feta! I did my carpet shampooing on a vacation, so it wasn't so rushed :)