Sunday, September 5, 2010

Excuses, Excuses

Wow, it's been almost a week since I last posted.  Sorry guys.. the last few days have totally gotten away from me.  I had a migraine for a week straight and it took a LOT out of me.  I'm in a crunch time at work and therefore have ended up spending the work hours super stressed.  I came home from work and all I wanted to do was collapse and not think about anything.  This weekend has been spent cleaning cause Danielle is coming to stay with me, yay!!  But as I've explained in the past, I'm not the neatest person on earth.  Bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, check.  (Minus a load or so of dishes.)  Tomorrow I have to tackle the living room and the carpets and then everything will be ready to go.  I'm excited since this is my first blogger meetup!  (And praying that for once I can actually take a perfectly clean house and maybe, I don't know, KEEP IT THAT WAY.  We will see..) 

I also don't have any food pics for you.  But I haven't eaten anything you haven't already seen before.  Today I had mac and cheese for breakfast, apple jacks for lunch, and a yogurt mess for dinner.  I'm aware that none of that really makes any sense but it's what I wanted at those times.  I forget how strenuous cleaning is so right now my back and legs are super sore.  I took Molly for a walk this evening to stretch my legs, I think we went for a mile or so and it was nice and relaxing.  Right now as I'm typing this I'm realizing I'm starving... it's 11 at night, oh what to do.  Anyway, this has turned into rambling and was never very interesting to begin with so I will end this now.  I hope you are all enjoying your long weekend, I will see you soon :)