Thursday, August 26, 2010

Working Overtime For No Extra Money Blows

Seriously.  Y'all don't even know.

Sorry for the lack of a post yesterday.  I found myself with not a whole lot to say and I figured better to skip it rather than bore everyone.  This hasn't been the best week.  I don't really know why, other than I started my period the other day.  (Sorry to any men reading this right now.)  I will be at work and counting the minutes till I can go home and that's not really like me.  I'm really tired which I'm sure is related to this time of the month.  It's just ugh.  The first couple of days this week I was SO BORED at work.  My job is like this, it goes from boring to slammed to boring to slammed, all in a cycle.  So guess what happened... today I got slammed.  It started yesterday but today it all really hit the fan.  I woke up with a migraine so I didn't go running.  I couldn't get rid of it all day so I was sort of drugged on meds and just trying to get through the day.  At 4:00, I had a meeting where I found out that there is work to be done that needs to be done by tomorrow morning at 10am.  Seriously??  I came home and relaxed for a while and finally got rid of the headache, and then sucked it up and logged into work and spent two tedious hours inputting data from a spreadsheet.  I just finished and I don't even have the energy to shower.  I washed my hair in the kitchen sink and am going to call it a night in a few minutes.

To try to say something positive about the week, I have two things:  First, I think I mentioned that my car needs some extensive repairs.  I had a quote from my mechanic for about $1200 worth of work, and could be cut down to $630 before taxes if I didn't repair something that was recommended, but not necessary.  Being broke at the moment, I decided on the $630 repairs obviously.  The thing is, I'm not too thrilled with my mechanic lately.  I used to love them and felt like they really did a good job, but the past few times I've gone something bad has happened.  This all came to a head when I got an oil change and my Check Engine light came on right afterwards.  I brought it in, they said they checked all fluids and they didn't know what was going on but they were sure it wasn't related to the oil change.  I got home and had a bad feeling and popped the hood.  Look at that, totally out of coolant.  They checked my fluids?  Really?  I'm pretty sure coolant is a fluid, and a pretty necessary one in the 100 degree NC summer we have been having.  Anyway, I'm rambling... so I was talking to a friend and she asked me to bring the estimate to her mechanic and ask if they could do it cheaper.  So I did, I literally walked in and slapped it on the counter and said, "Can you beat this?"  Mind you, I brought the $630 estimate.  After checking and looking everything over and looking at the car, they brought me their estimate.  It was for $566, AFTER taxes.  But wait... it was for the work that was originally quoted at $1200.  Sold, done, it's getting fixed tomorrow.  Oh yeah, and this place will bring me to and from work as well.  Fabulous, fabulous.  Do you need to ask if I will be switching mechanics?

The second thing is that I ran twice this week.  This may seem like a failure but I don't think so.  Tuesday it was pouring rain, so I missed it.  Today I was dealing with the migraine and was absolutely unable to go.  Tomorrow the car needs to be in at 7am, so there won't be time.  I plan to work out this weekend to make up for it but I am proud that the two days where I woke up and was able to go, I went.  I wasn't lazy, I didn't choose to sleep for another hour, I just did it.  That makes me happy.

I'm about to pass out so I'm going to sign off now.  I apologize for no pics, if it makes you feel better, you have seen all the food before.  I am not being creative this week :)  I hope you all have a great Friday!


Unknown said...

Sorry work stinks right now. you can comfort yourself with the fact that I just spent ten minutes trying to get my toddler to quit sticking her fingers in the cat's nose. At least you haven't stooped that low.

Brittany @ A Healthy Slice of Life said...

aw, lots of stress :(

first off, I hate car issues. I feel like the mechanics are always trying to screw me.

second, did you really wash your hair in the kitchen sink?

Awesome. :)

Michelle (Delightfully Dietetic) said...

I hate car problems! To me its sometimes worse than getting sick.

I'm a first time reader, and I was just wondering where you majored in community health? That sounds like a really interesting major. I'm just wondering because I'm a dietetics major right now, and I'm always thinking of all of the career options that come with it.

AiringMyLaundry said...

I hate how car stuff is so expensive. We once shelled out like $1200 for a part. I wanted to cry.

Rachel said...

Michelle: Interesting life you have over there :) But I can't wait to have kids!

Brittany: I hate them too. And yes I did, I do it often actually :)

Michelle: I went to SUNY Potsdam in upstate NY. It was definitely an interesting major and I learned a lot but unless you want to either write grants and work for a non-profit or go off into more school, I've discovered that career options are limited. I am working in IT now, which couldn't be further than what I majored in. I'm glad I did it though because I learned a lot about healthy living that I can now apply to myself for the rest of my life.

Amber: I think I actually would have cried. I've cried over less.