Sunday, August 8, 2010

Food and Friends

Happy Sunday night everyone!  Sorry for not posting yesterday.  One of the perils of "stealing" internet is that the people who own the signal shut it off sometimes.  That's what happened yesterday, so I have 2 days worth of pics and news for you.  Well, I lied.  There isn't really any news.  It's been a pretty low-key weekend.  Anyway, here is breakfast from yesterday:

I woke up starving and knew the usual yogurt mess wasn't going to cut it.  So I added a couple of organic 365 brand blueberry waffles.  It was definitely as good as it looks.

I've been trying to find and fix new foods lately.  Now that I don't work at Target anymore, I have all this free time to try new things.  The last new recipe came from Jenna, and so did the one from last night's dinner.  This was also really good, but I think that next time I would add more veggies and such.  Here are the pics from the Cheesy Zucchini Pizza:

J has been obsessed with the shrimp dinner from the other night so I made that for him again last night.  It's always a win when I make something new and he likes it.  He comes from VA and is used to heavy Southern foods.  I'm from NY and grew up with a health nut mother, so our eating habits couldn't be more different.  A lot of the time he has no choice since I'm the one who shops and cooks. (Evil laugh.)  We had a small conversation about this today actually, that went something like this:

J:  "You can't even front, I've been eating so much better lately, since I started the new job!"  (Yeah, J talks like that.  He says things like "front" and "trippin."  I sound ridiculous when I say all that, and he sounds even more ridiculous when he tries to talk like me.  Anyway...)

Me:  "Um, no.  You have been eating better because I don't work at night anymore so I'm COOKING FOR YOU."

All he could do was laugh.  He can't front.  (See?  Ridiculous.)

This morning I woke up starving again.  We were up till about 4 in the morning, watching TV and dozing on and off so I was very sleepy and hungry.  I proceeded to make and eat this:

It was so good and definitely filling.  I ate, popped in a Friends DVD and went on to watch TV and sleep on and off for most of the day.  I woke up starving again, this time randomly for Apple Jacks?? and went grocery shopping.  I bought the AJ and ate 2 bowls.  I almost never eat food this processed and fake but I really wanted it and went to town on that craving for sure.  After that I decided I needed some real food and made myself the shrimp dinner again.

Yes, this is a picture from the other night.  I suck.

It's 9:00 at night and Friends is still on, and I think I may go back for one more bowl of Apple Jacks.  I'm so rebellious today.  I hope you all had a great weekend!


Anything Fits A Naked Man said...

You know, I ate a LOT today, and I wasn't hungry at all right now, until I read this post! MAN, that food looks good! But I don't have anything like this in my kitchen, not even the Apple Jacks! Rats!! Guess I'll have to settle for Corn Chex!!

Candance said...

That pizza looks good!! I need to learn to make it.

Brittany @ A Healthy Slice of Life said...

pasta look awesome!

and I flippin' love FRIENDS, too. I think I watched 3 episodes yesterday :)

PS- at my high school, everyone talked like J (trippin' front, recognize, etc)... someitmes my old vernacular still slips in and HUbbs thinks I am ridiculous!

Unknown said...

I can barely even think of eating breakfast. I could never eat such a big meal that early. I know it's bad for me and one of the reasons I'm so chubby.

Rachel said...

Candance: The pizza is really good. And, the link I gave to the recipe has a link for the crust. I made that too :)

Brittany: That's too funny, I love it. One day hanging out with J and I promise you would be back in full form lol. And isn't Friends the BEST???

Michelle: I used to not eat breakfast either. Now I eat it because I'm hungry when I wake up, but honestly I don't believe in eating until you are hungry. Make sure to drink some water or tea in the morning to get your digestive system and metabolism going, and wait to eat until you truly want food.