Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Andd I'm Back!

Whew.  Hello everyone.  It has been a whirlwind few days!  I would have posted last night but the person I "steal" internet from went and secured their connection.  WTF????  I need to suck it up and buy my own wireless router.  It's on the list right after I fix my car.  ANYWAY...It was a decent trip, some things happened that I didn't want to happen at all, but at the same time I wasn't altogether surprised either.  If you knew and understood the dynamics of my family, it would make sense.  But I don't want to get into all that now.  I did get to meet my brother's girlfriend and I really like her.  I also met my best friend's son, (my "nephew,") and attended his 2nd birthday party, I love him right to pieces!!!  He is completely and totally adorable.  I am not going to post a picture though, because his mother is very private and I don't know if she would like that.  I will have to clear it with her first.  Just know he is the cutest little boy on the planet :)

In other (not so fabulous news,) I have a serious issue with USAirways at the moment.  I had 4 flights with them.... they messed up all four.  We were delayed twice without explanation.  One flight had the roughest landing I have ever experienced, I'm talking the plane tilting wildly from side to side, and sudden drops that made my stomach come up into my throat.  Not pleasant, I hate roller coasters and that's exactly what it felt like.  Although, in my opinion, the pilot did it on purpose to get back at the most annoying family on the plane... the family with 2 children that screamed the entire flight.... the family that when we were 2nd in line for takeoff, rushed their 3 year old to the bathroom.  I will never forget the flight attendant's face when she asked in disbelief, "Why is he not wearing a diaper???"  (The answer, by the way, was, "We have diapers but are in the process of potty training."  Um, buddy?  Put the damn diaper on.  This is not the time.)  We lost our spot in line.  Then, when we were about to take off again, someone else went into the bathroom.  The pilot came on, "Attention passengers.  Whoever is in the bathroom needs to get out now, because I am not losing our spot in line for a second time.  We WILL be taking off in about one minute, so hurry it up!"  In a way, I don't blame him for the landing.  I was just as irritated.

This is all nothing compared to the final flight, which due to an EXTREME unexplained delay by USAir, I was flying American.  (And don't even get me started on trying to find a whole new airline at LaGuardia.. that's a whole other blog post, suffice to say I will be avoiding that airport like the plague from here on out.)  Anyway, the change was sudden and took place within 20 minutes, so US did not transfer my luggage.  I'm going on day two of work without makeup and my hair back due to lack of a straightener.  Thankfully, I am pretty sure it's coming today.  But this warranted an extra hour and 15 minutes at the airport due to the long line out the baggage claim door, and the one SUPER slow old woman working the desk.  Awesome.  I was supposed to be home by 5:30.  I finally made it at almost 9.  If not for a surprise takeout order of Bang Bang Shrimp from Bonefish, I may have totally broken down before getting home.  And I may or may not have totally cried anyway as soon as I laid down.  It was a really stressful day.  BUT... it is what it is, right?  As soon as I have my luggage back I can put the whole thing behind me and make sure from here on out that there will be no more USAir, or connections through LaGuardia.

Alright, enough complaining.  Although I will say you are lucky, because that is an extremely condensed version of all the things that went wrong.  Here are some pictures from the happier parts of the journey:

All these wonderful fabulous friends of mine made my trip so fun, I always have a great time with all of them.  They are the best friends a girl could ask for and I miss them like crazy!

I will see you later IF I can find a wireless network that isn't smart enough to be secured :)  Have a great day everyone! 


Candance said...

Well, I'm way sorry for all the airline crap and I'd cut a bitch if my make-up and flat iron were MIA.

The pics are way cute!!

Michelle Hoad said...

I refuse to fly again. Our last time was a total disaster and American cancelled our flight, then threw us on standby on another airline, on an EARLIER flight. All without telling us. This left us literally running throught the airport with (thank God wheeled) luggage, two teens and a toddler. I was most definitely not wearing the shoes for that!

Brittany @ A Healthy Slice of Life said...

Ugh... I feel ya!! When I was flying home from Denver Sunday (after be delayed twice...) the pilot was going in for landing, then right before our wheels touched, he jerked the plane back in the air!!! AHHH! I almost threw up. He said he didn't feel good about that "try" at landing.

Rachel said...

Candance: I knew you would understand!!!

Michelle: I have heard horror stories about American, but after USAir, they were my saving grace that day. I don't want to fly but it's hard when my hometown is a 14 hour drive :(

Brittany: EXCUSE ME????? Um, no. If you are a pilot, you don't "try" to land. You do it and get it right every time. I'm glad you are ok!!