Friday, August 20, 2010

These Are My Confessions...

...just when I thought I said all I could say my chick on the side says she's got one on the way...

This post is sparked by a conversation I had with a coworker the other day, about health habit "do's" and "don't's" that we either do or don't do.  (Wow, that really didn't make any sense at all.)  There are certain things that I have in the past tried to do because I'm "supposed" to do them, and things that I DO do that I felt kind of guilty about because I'm "not" supposed to do them.  This led me to think of things both health and non-health related, and before I knew it I had a list that made me look like the biggest misfit on earth.  BUT... I truly don't care anymore.  I am who I am, and this is the list of confessions that make me, me.
  • I love mayonnaise.  Plain, regular, Hellman's mayo.  And don't give me that "lite" junk either.  I love how people are all, "mustard please," and trying to tell me that mustard should be a healthy replacement and how I shouldn't eat mayonnaise, and mayonnaise is gross.  Back off.  Mustard has a place, but that place is NOT mixed with tuna fish, and it only has half a place in a cheese sandwich.  The other half is for mayonnaise.
  • I also like iceberg lettuce.  I will let you other food bloggers regain composure... no, I do not eat solely iceberg in salads or sandwiches.  But I can tell you that I like to mix it in there because I like crunch, and as much as I like raw spinach, crunch it does not. 
  • I despise broccoli.  For most people this is their most loved vegetable but I hate it and always have.  It doesn't matter if it's raw or cooked, covered in cheese or marinara, I do not like it and I am going to stop forcing myself to eat it.  I'm 26, I don't have to eat it if I don't want too.
  • Two very popular items in the blog world, nut butters and figs, are underwhelming to me.  (Somewhere, a food blogger's head is exploding.  I can feel it.)  Everyone talks about both of these things so much that I had to try it all, almond and cashew butter and figs.  The almond and cashew butter... meh.  Definitely not going to spend all that money when I like crunchy peanut butter better for a fraction of the cost.  And even then I really only eat peanut butter stirred into oatmeal or the occasional PB&J.  Figs to me taste like an under ripe peach.  I truly don't see the hoop-la surrounding this fruit.
  • I use white sugar.  Yep.  I said it.  With that being said, I rarely come across a need to sweeten anything other than my morning coffee, so it's not like it's a whole lot of white sugar.  I had stopped a while back and was using Agave nectar but there seems to be controversy about that now.  I flat out refuse to use anything artificial to sweeten anything I eat so sugar it is.  If I need a lot for baking and such, I do try to go organic.
  • I am extremely label conscious.  (See, I had you all thinking just now that I had abandoned all health beliefs and was running for the hills, didn't I?)  I am very very VERY aware of the HFCS, hydrogenated oils, and artificial sweeteners running rampant in food today and 99% of the time I want none of it.  The other 1% is attributed to the random Apple Jacks cravings, when I want candy, or at someones house and have no other choice.  It's fine with me to have a teeny amount of these things in my life, but by no means ever do I want to consume them daily.  Or even weekly for that matter.
  • I have never in my life eaten a Twinkie.  I have also never watched the Goonies.  I put these two things together in one because it elicits the most "omg!!!" reactions from people.  Due to the shocking nature of those statements, it has now become a bizarre mission for me to never engage in Twinkies or the Goonies, and continue shocking people for years to come.
  • I watch a LOT of TV and I like it.  I thought of this one today when my friend Jenny (hi Jenny!) announced that her and her fiance are getting rid of cable after football season.  She is excited because this means they will find something else to do together and hopefully spend more time together.  I am all for living life and not being attached to the TV.  But voluntarily giving up cable is not an option for me.  I love my RH, Jersey Shore, Criminal Minds, 90210, Melrose, Grey's, and I am going to stop there before you all think there is a serious issue going on.  I enjoy going home after work and zoning out.  I don't mind spending time watching TV with J.  I like it. 

  • This final confession isn't so much a confession as something that I have decided not to care about anymore.  Since I moved to NC from NY, I have had numerous people tell me that I come across as unfriendly, bitchy, and rude.  This has come from coworkers, both boss's, people who have become friends who have told me their first impression of me, etc.  I guess it made me mad mostly because the latest conversation with my boss was about how I don't smile at people in the hall.  He actually had someone complain about this.  Seriously, you clearly do not have enough work to do if you are running to my boss to tattle that I did not smile at you in the hall.  Get a life.  And the funny thing is, I think I'm a friendly person.  I think I treat people well, and I think I do well covering (at work anyway) when I dislike someone.  No, I don't walk around with a perma smile and never have, but this doesn't mean I'm unfriendly.  It used to bother me, it doesn't anymore.  I have come to realize that this is not on me, it's on other people because if they talked to me, they would see that I'm nice and outgoing.  They simply choose not to try.  Their fault, not mine.
Don't I look like a nice person????


Jenny said...

Hi Rachel!

Btw- it was me. I was bored so I found your boss and told him you are a bitch, just for fun ;-)

NicLovesMornings said...

I think we need to worry more about the Twinkie thing than the smile thing! Kidding! I bet you are a very friendly person, it's their loss if they don't want to get to know you :)

Candance said...

Mayo is delicious, I've never seen Star Wars, a James Bond movie, any of the Rocky movies or Jaws and I get a lot of weird looks for that and white sugar is delicious.

Also, at my last job, I was rated as uncooperative, difficult to work with, and not dedicated to the mission of the organization by my peers. I didn't give a shit because when it came to the way they tried to do things, which was half-assed, I was all those things and I wasn't dedicated to their mission to steal money from old people in the name of God, so they were actually completely right about my dedication to their mission.

AiringMyLaundry said...

Ew, yeah, I don't get why people like figs. I think they're gross.

Rachel said...

Jenny: I knew it was you!!!

Nic: Thank you, I think I am :)

Candance: I never saw a Star Wars movie either, and I really don't have the desire either. Never saw Jaws, although I have seen one Rocky movie and one James Bond. And what do you do for money if NOT stealing in the name of God?? ;)

Amber: I don't either. They were very bland and watered down tasting. People talk about them as if they are the most delicious thing... something went over my head on that one.