Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Owen's Blog Debut!


Oh my God.  What is that??  It looks delicious.  Oh yeah, that's right.  It's the obsession I can't get over.  This time there was vanilla Chobani, Bear Naked granola, blackberries and raspberries.  Blackberries and raspberries are BOGO at the store right now, and even though they aren't organic, mama needs to fix a very expensive car part right now and BOGO berries are heaven sent at the moment.  And FYI, I'm hoping that name dropping things like Chobani and Bear Naked will cause the companies to sent me like, lifetime supplies of these things.

                                                                      All Mixed Up
Dinner tonight was Bang Bang Wednesday from Bonefish, aka $5 Bang Bang shrimp!!  I also got this the other day after the horrific airport experience and it was basically heaven in a takeout bag.  Did you know that if you get the order of shrimp, you get a little loaf of bread also?  And... that I have connections with Carraba's that hook me up with spices, so I mixed them in EVOO and had a feast. 

Yes I had already dug into the bread before the pictures.  I'm such a bad blogger.  Truth is, I didn't even finish this meal.  I was stuffed and I have about a third of the shrimp left in the fridge.  The other day I inhaled it and was comfortably full, but I guess the difference between Monday and today is there was nothing in between the yogurt bowl at 10 and the shrimp at 8:30 on Monday.  Today there was an unpictured PB&J, some Doritos, a little bit of cottage cheese, and a Bojangles egg and cheese biscuit.  (Cottage cheese and PB&J were all organic, the Doritos were a snack size, and biscuit was a terrible, terrible craving:) )  There also was a lot of desk-sitting, and the other day was all running around at stupid airports.. coughcoughLaGuardiaclearthroat...  You see the difference.  So I'm thinking I will take the extra shrimp and top a salad with them for lunch tomorrow.  That sounds fabulous right?

I'm off to finish watching Kourtney and Khloe, and then probably at least one episode of Without a Trace or something.  Kourtney, I have no clue what you see in Scott.  He's a total douchebag, you can do MUCH better, you are beautiful and you have a beautiful baby, a million men who do NOT wear pastel sweaters tied around their necks would be more than happy to treat you well.  Just sayin... and speaking of adorable baby boys, I got permission to post Owen pics from Owen's mommy, so prepare to see the most adorable child on earth.  Are you ready???

See you all tomorrow :)


Candance said...

He's cutie! Pretty, pretty eyes!!

Now I'm craving bread from Johnny Carino's bread and that oil and spice stuff. Great.

Shelby said...

MMM Your yogurt bowl concoction looks so good and refreshing! I make mine with voskos or Fage greek yogurt, clif crunch bars, and peaches.. so good!

I found you through SR and I love your blog!

Will Burke said...

Oh yeah, he's about as cute as someone else's kid can be.

Rachel said...

Candance: You need to get the hook up on the spices so you can have it at home. It's pretty amazing that I have a giant tub of them in the refrigerator :)

Shelby: Why thank you! I love SR, she is totally hilarious. I looked at your blog as well and I really like it :)

Will: You crack me up!