Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fair Warning That This Post Has No Real Point

Good evening :)  It's a little late but I've been relaxing listening to all the thunder outside tonight.  Last night I was woken out of a sound sleep by the loudest thunder ever.  It didn't even sound like thunder, it sounded like explosions.  Thank God it started much earlier tonight.  I hope it doesn't start again, I was really tired this morning from lack of sleep!

Right now I am watching the premiere of Real Housewives of DC.  Eh, I'm not impressed.  The drama seems forced and fake, the women seem like they all think they are better than everyone... I know the Housewives of all franchises have attitudes, but these women seem different.  All I know is you won't catch me blogging during a NJ show!

As you know, I've been wanting all these childhood foods lately, and tonight was no exception.  Mac and cheese it was:

When I was growing up, my mother always put peas in the mac and cheese.  I mixed them in because I don't really like peas but they were tolerable that way.  I wonder if it's weird that I still dislike peas, but I still put them in my mac and cheese?  I am a grownup, I can do what I want!  But I cannot eat mac and cheese without peas, I feel like I'm doing something wrong.  Thanks for the guilt mom!  (PS, I have to say two things about the show right now.  One woman's husband was being honored for fashion, and his wife offered to help him dress.  He says, "I am a grown ass man, I can dress myself."  Um, he came down in bright red, tight pants.  Then, pink paisley pants.  The deciding vote was the seafoam green pants.  I'm sorry sir, but whoever gave you that award and let you think you are a "grown-ass man who can dress himself," well sweetie, they are playing a dirty trick on you.  The second thing is that there is one black woman on the show, and for some reason every time the other Housewives talk to her, they change their whole tone and start waving their heads and hands and saying thing like "girlfriend!!'  Really?  I don't think I will be following this show too closely.)

Sorry, that was a tangent.  Back to the food.  After stuffing my face lately with bagels and mac and cheese and cinnamon toast, I felt like I needed some nourishment.  Enter this green beauty:

FYI, I have no opinion towards Michigan either way.  This is J's cup.

This is what one frozen banana, 3 handfuls of blueberries, 5 handfuls of spinach, and about a cup of almond milk looks like when it's all blended together.  I needed that and it tasted really good.  The bad news is that for some reason, the blender broke in the middle of making it.  The pitcher part won't attach to the base all of a sudden and I don't get how to fix it.  I don't even see how it's broken.  So I had to hold the entire thing together while I was pouring it, and even then it leaked everywhere.  I guess I need a new blender, and I need a good one for about $50 at the most.  Suggestions, anyone?

I'm pretty sleepy so I guess I will wrap up this pretty boring post.  I blame the Housewives of DC for sucking all the "interesting" out of me tonight.  Snoozefest begets snoozefest! 


Candance said...

I've never watched any of those Real Housewife shows. I'm scared I'll like it too much.

If you ever put your smoothie in an Ole Miss cup, then you must say you do care and that it's the most beautiful cup you've ever laid eyes on and if others try to touch your cup, you get stabby. Okay?

Off to not sleep.

Brittany @ A Healthy Slice of Life said...

I didn't catch the DC housewives... but here's a confession... I love the Orange County housewives. I think they're the funniest!! :)

dining tables said...

It is been a long time since I eat Mac and Cheese. I can't wait to try it again. I wish my mom make one for me. I love this post. It make me remember my childhood.

Rachel said...

Candance: You would LOVE the Real Housewives. Just not DC :)

Brittany: I love the OC!! NJ is my favorite but OC is definitely entertaining. Gretchen is my favorite, all the other women are so mean to her!

Dining Tables: Thanks! The macaroni and cheese brings me back to my childhood too :)