Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Other Child

Meet my other child. Molly usually gets all the attention on the blog, so I thought Lexi should make her debut. Its 1:20 am, I just got home from work at 12:30, and yes, that is a 17 hour day. Not. Fabulous. But I am home now, and I have my feet up, and I am kickin back with some blogs. Its the perfect time of day, because everything is peaceful and quiet, I have my girl Lexi curled up in the crack between the bed and the wall and she is snoring her little face off, and I have Molly on the floor, right up next to the bed. J, unfortunately, works nights so he rarely joins us in our little sleep haven because he is either working or wide awake in the other room. But that's ok, I have gotten used to it and it means more room for Lexi and I :)

This is the only pic on my camera that I have of Lexi, because she is elusive. She likes to stay on the DL, away from Molly. I guess that if you weighed 10 pounds, you would probably run from this too..

She is a super smart cat. Last night she wanted water out of Molly's water dish, but Molly can be protective of her food/water bowls. So I watched her go to the bowl to see if there was water. Then, before she drank, she ran to the door of the bedroom to make sure Molly was sleeping. After she realized that Molly was passed out, she ran back over and drank. Too funny!!! Her signature move is to crawl on your chest while you are laying down and start licking your neck. I never said she wasn't weird.
Anyway, Miss Lexi is going to be 7 this summer. She came along at a really rough time in my life and helped drag me out of it, and I will always cherish her for that. She will always be allowed to sleep in bed :) No Molly. Not you. I'm sorry, but you are too big and too crazy. I still love you just the same :)

Disclaimer: These are old pictures of the kids, but Lexi still looks the same even though she was probably 2 there. Elusive, like I said. And Molly was probably 30 pounds lighter as well. *sigh* Time flies.


Jax said...

awww! Adorable! Animals definitely have a way of coming into your life when you really need em... :)

Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

thanks for your sweet comment :) you can look like a million bucks with or without having a baby. you already do look great! xo

Angie S said...

awww...i love animals. before i had babies, my puppies were my babies. i love molly's sweet little face, and lexi is a cutie too :)

Big Mama Cass said...

haha they are sooooo cute!!! my fur babies are still my babies even with my human baby around now :) Everyone said it would all change when I had kids but nothing did.