Monday, May 24, 2010

Changed It Up!!

I told y'all that I was REALLY wanting to change my template, what do you think?? I LOVE it, I have a small obsession with cherries so this was perfect. (I cannot do the tacky cherry things though, ya know, like seat covers for my car or anything... but I do have a cherry belly button ring!) I also changed the pic, that's one from the wedding with Jenny making a face, lol. I might still play around, stay tuned :)

Sorry AGAIN that I don't really have a lot to say. I guess I can tell you that I am about to shampoo my carpet and everyone cross fingers that the pet stains come out :( I may or may not go running, but I am so tired of this wet, slightly chilly, dark weather that I bet I don't go. Seriously, where is all this RAIN coming from? I would also like to add that I came home from work last night after downpours and thunderstorms all day long, and the lawn sprinklers were on. I'm sure they were on a timer, but my leasing office is open every day, they can't shut them off? The building is about to float away.

Molly is asleep on the floor next to me. She is dreaming about something and is barking a quiet little dream bark. She won't want to go running either. She is a tomboy for sure, but a total diva when it comes to rain. I can barely take her out to pee when it's raining, she gets all excited when she sees the leash, but as soon as we step out and she sees she is about to get wet, she will stop, look at me like, "bitch please," and turn right around. For real. This is not a water loving dog. The one good thing is that when I finally make her go out, because hello, she is not allowed to pee in the house no matter what the carpet stains may tell you, she does her business FAST. Then we come back, she shakes for about 10 minutes, and goes off and sulks until she dries off.

Well, I guess that solved the running problem. Tori, Dean, and RHNJ drama it is. (Oh yes, and does anyone else watch the RH? Anyone watching NY right now? Anyone else really only able to stomach Bethany and Alex right now?? Seriously, what is wrong with the others?? We have Jill the total victim playing drama queen, Luanne the "better than everyone but my man is creepy and totally gonna be on the news one day," Ramona with her crazy eyes, and Kelly- who I have no words for. Sonya, I don't know her well enough yet. But please, PLEASE people, don't judge NY based off this freakshow. I promise, the other 99.9% of us are normal.)