Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Little Update

Hello blog! I've missed you so much!! And remember that reason I had for abandoning all of you? "Work?" Yeah.. so I put in a lot of overtime (that I do NOT get paid for) last week to get all my stuff done and submitted on time. And what happened? The OTHER people who were responsible for their parts did not finish. So nothing actually made the deadline. This doesn't affect me directly, because my boss knows I did my part and the people who did not are not in my department, but it's still frustrating to know that I worked hard to get everything done while everyone else was slacking off. Whatever. They still need to do work and I'm done, so I guess that's my consolation.
ANYWAY, enough about work! Let's talk about good things from this week. Tonight Molly and I went for a run, and I use the term "run" loosely today. It was HOT here in NC this evening, so I waited till about 8pm before getting ready. I did not check the temp when we left, but stepping outside was like stepping into a hot tub.. hot and HUMID. Still, we were on our way. I debated actually bring Molly back after a couple of minutes but she was so excited that I felt bad. She ended up not being able to really handle the heat very well, so we walked more than half of the way. About an hour after we got back I checked the temp and it said 84, so I bet it was at least high 80's, low 90's when we went out. I know my face was beet red and clothes were soaked, I can imagine how hot is was for her. (She is totally fine now by the way, so all those PETA fans can relax.) Anyway, this brings me to my super exciting news, my new RUNNING SKIRT!! Yes, a running skirt. Its a little black skirt with booty shorts underneath that you wear to run. I would never buy one except I heard good things, so I decided to go for it. I'm glad I did, because it stayed in place, didn't stick to sweat, and was a lot cooler than the leggings I have been wearing up to this point. It showed my cellulite more than I would have liked, but it's ok, because as Candance and Michelle have taught me, cellulite is ok as long as it is tanned. And I am still tan from the wedding :) And since I can't really talk about our time today, let's talk about Thursday. It took us 33 minutes, and used to take 45. Progress? I think so! If I can drag myself out of bed before Target tomorrow, we will go in the morning before it gets too hot. But as you can see, it's midnight right now so I am not promising anything. If I can, it will be rather "runnerish" of me :)
I hope you all are having a good weekend, and I will see you tomorrow or Monday. I promise to never put work before you again. I learned my lesson.. there is nothing to be gained from putting work before blogging. (Dave... Dan... I am totally kidding. Of course work is my life. Stop it.)


Will Burke said...

Isn't that frustrating when others aren't pulling their weight? Hope they aren't bitter with you about it (small minds tend to project, but I don't need to tell you that, you have a A in phych :) )

Kelly and Sara said...

It's so hard to watch people at work not pulling their weight when a couple people are constantly busting their butt's. Good for you though.

Hope you start having more time for yourself!

Candance said...

A running skirt?!?!? Shut the front door!!

I'm glad Michelle and I could teach you the importance on tan cellulite. I'm trying to tan mine as we speak.

Anonymous said...

HEY GIRL! I BET YOU LOOK AWESOME IN YOUR RUNNING SKIRT!! Ahh im sorry about ppl not pulling their weight :( you take care of yourself tho!

Rachel said...

Will, and Kelly/Sara- especially after the day I had today?? You have NO IDEA. Apparently it was going to be blamed on me anyway.

Candance- Oh yes, a running skirt. It's from Target, and I LOVE it. You should check it out!

Rachel said...

AND... ktbwood, thanks for the support on the skirt! I do really like it even though I wish my legs were more toned. I guess I need to amp up Jillian :)