Friday, May 7, 2010

5 Things About 5 Things

Will over at Fatherhood & Other Common Terrors tagged me in this little game. I was pretty excited too, because I have never been tagged in anything before, so it's kind of like PROOF that people read my blog and maybe even like it? Who knows! Anyway, here we go..

Where I was Five Years Ago:
Drunk, because I was 21, so let me see if I can come up with four more..
In college, living with my boyfriend in a little bitty house.. in 4 months (5 years ago,) we will break up
Working at a restaurant, making really good money
Exactly 5 years ago I would have been studying for/taking finals *shudder*
Potty training puppy-Molly and failing miserably

Where I would like to be Five Years From Now:
Living in a house that I own
Parenting at least one child
Working ONE job, and making a fabulous side living off of blogging or perhaps a published book
Still not looking my real age (which will be 31!!!!)
Maybe living in Savannah??

What is on my To Do List Today:
Go to real job
Stay awake
Go to Target
Stay awake
Go home and pass out!!

What Five Snacks do I enjoy?
Apples with peanut butter
Soft bread with red pepper hummus (my new thing as of last night!!)
Chips with guac and pico
Clif Bars
Cheese and crackers

What would I do if I Were A Billionaire:
Quit both jobs and spend my days blogging, exercising, cooking, and volunteering
Buy a really nice, but not TOO big, house with a big backyard for Molly
Have all the clothes and shoes I want :)
Go to the beach all the time. Actually, I want a beach house. In Fiji :)
Make sure all my family and friends, and all their kids, are taken care of for life

I can't think of 5 people to tag this too, so if you want to take part, do it and just let me know. Happy Friday everyone!


NatalieCottrell said...

This is awesome! We like all the same snacks, which reminds me...lunch time! :) I would also LOVE to live in Savannah. I've been obsessed with that town since I read Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (one of my faves).

Perfect Friday post!

Anonymous said...

Happy Friday to you too! Sounds like you were having an interesting time 5 years ago. 5 years ago I was still singing and living in Nasvhille. I was so ignorant to sooo much about God. :/ I was 28. What can I say, I was a slow learner. I didn't know too many smart people either. You know, now I'm thinking that should be my new goal. Meet more people smarter than me so I can be even less ignorant 5 years from now. LOL

Rachel said...

Natalie: I totally had the apple and hummus for lunch. And I may or may not have also had it for dinner last night. What can I say, it's easy and DELICIOUS! Maybe one day we will be neighbors in Savannah??
Kristy: Yes, I was having an interesting time for sure! College was fun for me, even though I've grown up a lot I look back with a lot of affection on that time... And I think you are a lot smarter than you give yourself credit for, don't sell yourself short!!

WhisperingWriter said...

Have fun at Target!

Candance said...

Yeah, he tagged me, too. Up until I read yours, I hadn't realized I'd be 39 (almost 40) in five years. It made me throw up a little in my mouth.

Anonymous said...

Aw thanks <3 I am way smarter than I was then but I could still learn a lot more. I'm open to it especially when it comes to being healthy and happy. :D