Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Happy Wednesday everyone!!  Last night I had planned to do a Triple Tangent Tuesday post, but before I did that I wanted to get my resume out into cyberspace.  There I was, innocently creating a Monster profile when it happened:  The blue screen of death.  The blue error message that means your computer might be on the fritz.  I shut it down, powered back up, and everything went black.  I got a message telling me that hard drive clusters had been damaged.  The whole time I'm thinking ohcrap thisismyworkcomputer.  (Further proof that I need to just deal with it and buy my own.)  When I brought it to tech support today, there was nothing they could do so now I have a new computer.  There are some kinks that need working out and I can't post pictures, so sorry for the picture-less post!  Hopefully things will be totally worked out tomorrow.

PS  I had NO computer until about 1:00 today and it was torture not checking blogs.  I think I may have an addiction.


Tricia said...

eeek! the blue screen of bummer