Monday, June 6, 2011


It's a sleepy evening up in here tonight.  Lexi is passed out on the dining room floor, Molly is passed out on the bedroom floor, and I'm hoping to be passed out in the next hour.  Waitressing again is killin' me.. I forgot how draining it can be!  I feel like all weekend if I wasn't working, I was sleeping.  It's all good though because I am hoping to be able to save some money for August when I no longer have a full time job, and September when it's finally time to move out of this apartment I share with J.  I do need to get used to the hours though, and all the walking around for hours at a time.  Maybe I'm losing some weight? :) 

Right now I'm waiting for some pasta and hardboiled eggs to cool so I can make tuna salad for the rest of the week's lunches and then I'm (hopefully) going to get a good night's sleep.  Sorry for the lame post.. blogger won't let me upload pictures right now, and my brain won't let me think of of anything else to say.  Have a good night and I hope for a better post tomorrow!


Will Burke said...

Sorry to hear about your FT job tanking. Blogger has also been giving me grief, not able to post tonite, and last week, I couldn't get into my GMail. Damn hackers!

Rachel said...

Damn google!!