Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kitchen Slave

It's been a LONGG day.  And if anyone suggests that my annoying coworker, my OTHER annoying coworker, my ex boyfriend and my current boyfriend seemed worse today because of PMS, well, I wouldn't really be able to argue with you.  But seriously.. I think they all reserve extra ammo just waiting for this time.  At least now I have chilled out.  And no worries, nothing serious, just really irritated a lot of the day.  I think J watched Everybody Loves Raymond, the episode where Ray tries to get Debra to take pills for her PMS, and she yells at him to give her a hug.  I was all pissed off and next thing I know I'm getting a hug?  Oh well.  I guess it worked :)

Before the whole argument over nothing and hugging incident, I was making him dinner to take to work.  He usually takes sandwiches, but I feel bad because it's a manual labor job and I feel like he needs more than deli meat sandwiches and gatorade to get him through the night.  (It breaks my heart to have to reveal that my boyfriend eats this way.)  So after my successful eggplant parm, I decided to make chicken parm for him.  It was basically the same steps, except I first dipped the chicken in a mixture of flour, garlic powder, oregano and basil.  Then I used the egg, panko breadcrumbs, and baked at 425 for a half hour.  I gave him some linguine, homemade sauce, and some parmesan and mozzarella cheese to put on top.  Hopefully he likes it, he had to rush out so I didn't even get pics of the masterpiece except for this one, of the leftover chicken.


So, what does the chef eat after she so nicely cooks gourmet meals for her boyfriend?

Bread and water. That's right, prison food.  (Actually, this was a delicious onion bagel from Whole Foods, smothered in Earth Balance and organic cream cheese, but that is neither here nor there.  It really is water though, just in a lemonade container.  Trying to be green and reuse, yo.)  I am trying to hydrate more at night now, for my morning runs.  You know.. the invisible runs that haven't happened yet.  So basically all I'm doing is trying to see how many times a night I can wake up to pee.  Oh well.  I will appreciate it on the day that I wake up and actually go, right?  I was still a little hungry, so I had some fruit and granola.

I almost had a stroke when I realized I was out of granola this morning.  I am having a food obsession lately with vanilla Greek Chobani, berries and granola.  I finished the last of the granola yesterday and totally forgot that I was out.  Thankfully I had a couple of Vans waffles in the freezer that came to the rescue.  Once I toasted them and ripped them into pieces and mixed them in, all was right again.  But I went and bought granola right after work today.  I don't want to go through that again!

And here is a question... see the liquid in the bowl?  That's almond milk.  When I buy almond milk, it looks like milk.  This past weekend I bought the WF brand kind for the first time and it came out looking like dirty water.  And it tastes like very watered down almond milk.  Yes I shook it and everything.  Is this normal?  It tasted fine and everything, so I'm not sure what's going on.

Please excuse my extreme snarkiness and sarcasm throughout the post today.  I blame PMS.  (No comments from those in real life who know that I'm actually pretty much like this most of the time, but try to tone it down some for my internet friends.  Shhh..)  Come back tomorrow though, because I have some blog-news to share.  Goodnight :) 


Angie said...

I think that bagel is the perfect dinner! Funny how we will cook a full meal though and then not eat it!

Brittany @ A Healthy Slice of Life said...

Haha, I've done the same thing before- make a gourmet for the hubs, then too tired to make anything for myself. Is it bad that I think you're hilarious while PMS-ing? I'm sure no one in your life would appreciate me encouraging it, but I think you're funny :)

Jax said...

Excited for the blog news! And I flip out if I'm out of my nature's valley granola bars. I keep them in my desk at work and when I reach in there to find NOTHING, I get so upset!

I've always wanted to try almond milk, but maybe the kind you usually buy b/c that kinda resembles skim milk. I dont like skim b/c it looks too watery. Tastes fine. Just makes my brain process that it's not milk. ha!

Rachel said...

Brittany, you are officially my favorite person ever. You love me when I'm PMSing??? I never thought I would hear someone utter those words, my life is complete :)