Thursday, July 29, 2010

DIsappointing Dinner Fail

Good evening bloggy friends!  First of all, have you entered my fabulous first giveaway yet?  If not, follow this link and leave a comment on the post.  Winner is being chosen on Monday 8/2.

Today went by really fast for me at work.  Actually, this entire week went by faster than normal, and I am so very happy about that.  Tomorrow is only a 3 hour day because it is my company picnic, and early release day.  And then... tomorrow afternoon I am going to CHELSEA HANDLER'S BOOK SIGNING!!!!  I am so excited, and even though she is in a rush and you cannot take pics or really talk to her, I am super excited to see one of my fav comedians in real life.  I had to get a ticket for the line because she is only there for an hour, and in alphabetical order, I am in the "D" category.  So I am sure I will get through.  Early release day + Chelsea Handler = Fabulous Friday.

I didn't really think through dinner today before J left and took the car with him, so I was stuck with whatever I could scrape up.  It wasn't good, or really healthy, but I know you wants pics anyway so here it goes...

That would be a portobella mushroom gardenburger with spinach, avocado, and onion on toasted wheat bread, paired with freezerburnt frozen Ore-Ida fries and cheese.  I'm not going to lie.  This was not a good dinner.  I didn't even finish it.  You are probably wondering what I wanted, well, honestly all I wanted was my bagel from last night.  Yep.  My very observant boyfriend of 3 years made the following intelligent comment to me last night:  "Do you know that all of your favorite foods are like, breads and pasta?"  No.  Kidding.  3 years people, 3 years and he thinks he just made some sort of grand announcement.  Bagels make me happy.  I am a simple girl.

Since I couldn't have a bagel, I raided the fridge till I came up with this.

This would be cinnamon raisin toast topped with lots of Earth Balance and cinnamon sugar.

If I couldn't have my bagel and cream cheese, I had to have something carby and earth-balance-y and sweet.  If ever there was a childhood meal throwback..

Well, it's 9:30 and I believe I am going to pass out now.  I am really sleepy for some reason, and I need to start going to bed when I am tired instead of staying up for some reason and then not getting enough.  Not to mention that you saw that bottle of water, and I will probably be up to pee at least once tonight.  Anyway, I will probably see you tomorrow, but if not, J has requested another trip to the Farmer's Market and I will post about that this weekend.  HE requested it.  I almost passed out.  Maybe I am winning the war.  Have a great night and a Fabulous Friday everyone :)


Sandwichista said...

That's okay that you're "simple." I look at nothing but bagels all day and still find them delicious. I've been known to grab a warm one off the rack while opening, chew off a huge bite, and tell the baker, "Hey man, good bagel!" as I chew. I'm a classy lady.

Rachel said...

Lol, I worked at a place like that in high school that made subs, and I ate one every single day and never got sick of them either. I swear bagels are my favorite easy food ever.