Sunday, July 25, 2010

I'm Melting!!!

Hello everyone!  I hope there are at least some of you who are escaping this heat wave.  It's officially unbearable in NC right now, with the Raleigh area having a heat index of 112.  (Actual temp: 102.  Insanity.)  I am sitting in my air conditioned apartment with the ceiling fan on high, and I'm still roasting away.  I'm sad because this means that at least for tomorrow, I won't be able to go on my run :(  It won't get below 80 tonight and it's going to be super muggy, so I don't think I will even try it.  I don't do well being overheated, I like the heat but this is above and beyond.  Hopefully it'll calm down for Tuesday morning.

Today was a good day.  I went to church this morning for the first time in probably 8-10 years.  I don't really discuss religion or my beliefs on this blog, but I have been feeling very strongly that I wanted to go since winter time.  My work schedule prevented me from being able too, but now that I am no longer at Target, I decided now was the time.  I had researched and found one right down the road from me, and it was very, very interesting.  I grew up in a very calm, organized, quiet church.  I hated going, I was always so bored, and that hour was the longest hour of my week.  Today was definitely not boring.  People were dancing, singing, running around, there was a full band playing music... It was quite a culture shock, but in a good way.  I liked it, and I think I will be back.  Everyone was so friendly, that was the first thing I noticed.  It seems like a really good group of people.

Anyway, I was going to do some cooking for the rest of the day after church, but that is out of the question.  I think I may need to go crawl in my freezer now.  I hope everyone on the east coast is surviving these temps and finding some way to stay cool!


Kris | said...

What a great blog!! It sounds like you had a wonderful experience today! I honestly have never been to church, but I hear that the vibe in there is insane when there is singing and dancing!


Anonymous said...

Aww so glad you loved church!! the vibe is WONDERFUL. Gods presence can NOT BE BEAT!!!

Brittany @ A Healthy Slice of Life said...

I feel ya with the heat, girl... this crazy heat has me wishing away the summer is exchange for a cool fall breeze! :P

Rachel said...

Kris- Thanks!! It was a good experience. I think church is a personal thing, and I definitely think people can be spiritual and not need church.

ktbwood- I thought you would appreciate that :) It's Tuesday, and since I am still happy about it, that means it was the right decision.

Brittany- UGHHHHH.... I haven't been able to run for 2 days now. I will try again tomorrow, I'm hoping that this storm outside will calm the heat and humidity down for a little while.