Monday, April 26, 2010

Wedding Weekend!

I've been MIA all weekend because one of my good friends got married and as a member of the bridal party, I have been otherwise occupied. It was a great time!
Friday was a half day at work, and then off to get nails done. Jenny found a salon that had a full service bar... yes it was as awesome as it sounds. It was drinks one and two of about 100 for the weekend :) After a mani/pedi, a glass of champagne and a martini, it was off to take a small nap before dinner and the bachelorette. Dinner was at a steakhouse, so options for me were limited. I ended up with a poached pear salad and bruschetta. (Did I spell that right? I don't even know.) I (stupidly) got the small salad. After it came, I really wished I had gotten the large. It was crazy delicious! Peaches, mixed greens, goat cheese, pecans, some sort of amazing dressing.....yum.... not to mention the margarita and martini that came with dinner :) After dinner, and after the older/too young/pregnant people left, it was out to the clubs. At this point I don't remember exactly what I drank, but I can tell you that it was my first experience with PBR.. thanks Lindsay. We went to 3 different places, drank, danced, laughed a LOT, took some fabulous pictures that I hope to post tomorrow. Jenny didn't want any of that tacky bachelorette stuff, so no sashes or stupid "props" or anything like that. Thank God, because I also hate those things. No one on the outside looking in would have been able to tell it was a bachelorette. Her dad was nice enough to pick us up afterward, so it was a fun, SAFE evening.
Saturday I spent most of the day in bed recovering from Friday. I'm not used to drinking like that anymore, so good thing I had nowhere to be until the rehearsal at 5. After the rehearsal was dinner, where I really got to hang out with and talk to the other bridesmaids. They are all from out of town and I had never met them before this weekend. They were all really nice, fun girls, and we all got along really well the entire weekend.
Sunday was the wedding! We went to get our hair done at 10, and there was more champagne and some bagels and things to be had. Of course I had champagne... Jenny had the bottle with her at one point because the time was being cut close, and we weren't sure whether or not it would rain, and I think she was stressing. Actually, I KNOW she was stressing. Time was being cut really short, so the ladies at the salon were nice enough to let me and another bridesmaid get ready there, and the other girls went ahead. After finally being done and getting to the church, things seemed to go smoothly. Pictures were taken, we all got down the aisle, and the ceremony was beautiful. I was surprised when it was time to go back up the aisle and I realized that a joke from the night before had actually been approved by Jenny... therefore the bridal party exited the church to Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance." Hilarious. Because no wedding is complete without Lady G. (FYI, this was a groomsman's idea. They were the best group of guys to hang out with during the wedding, I don't remember the last time I laughed so hard for so long. They were always doing something crazy and ridiculous.)
After a few more pictures, it was off to the reception. We were introduced to Jay Z's "Bring Em Out" and danced our way into the room. The party was so much fun, and the DJ managed to play music that didn't offend the older crowd but still made the younger crowd want to dance. The groomsmen were in hot demand by the two flower girls, and they were all good sports and great with all the kids there, so everyone in every age group had a great time. After the DJ was done, the bridal party went out for drinks AGAIN, and I was finally home by about 1:30 in the morning this morning.
Today was mainly a lazy day, sleeping and recovering from the entire experience. (Although I did squeeze in a small workout at the gym this afternoon.) It was such a great weekend, I had a great time and met some great people. I wish people got married every weekend!!!


Michelle Hoad said...

You needed the weekend off. You work too hard.

Rachel said...

I can't argue with that! I wish I had every weekend off lol.

Kmama said...

Sounds like so much fun!! You tried the infamous PBR, eh? The dad of an ex-boyfriend of mine drank that exclusively. LOL

Rachel said...

Oh yes, I tried it. It wasn't bad, but I will stick with Bud Light Line or Labatt Blue where I can get it!

Anonymous said...

how fun! i only hope my wedding is that awesome!