Monday, April 5, 2010


First of all, I was so excited to get on blogger today and see that I have 3 new followers! Welcome to TLD, I hope you like it :) With that being said, I don't have a lot going on. I have a headache at the moment, probably due to a slightly stressful day and the literal clouds of pollen floating around outside. I had today off from work and planned to lay out, but my wish to NOT turn yellow trumped that plan. So I ran a couple of errands and now I'm home in bed, relaxing. I have a couple weekend highlights to share, so I will do that and hopefully have something more interesting tomorrow.

  • Number one, I am brought to you today, via my comfy bed, by my wonderful neighbor with unsecured wireless. She is making my life a ton easier, and since I have no plans to get on child porn sites or anything like that, she is safe with me stealing her signal.
  • Now I feel the need to clarify that I'm not a total scumbag. I actually do pay for my own internet, but at the moment its not wireless. And my regular computer is so full of viruses that as soon as its turned on, so many popups come up that its impossible to even see the desktop and the internet icon. So I need a wireless router. And until that day, (soon, I promise, ) lets all thank the neighbor. And if I knew specifically who it was, they would get all sorts of flowers from me and never know why.
  • I have done lots of exercise this weekend. I told you on Thursday about the run with Molly and I am happy to say she has been subjected to it twice more since then... Saturday and Sunday. Friday I had to work all day and night, but when I got to Target, they were down one cart attendant. So I volunteered. And all night everyone was all, why are you doing that? Why are they making you push carts? And I was like, HELLO, I volunteered!! It was 80 out, sun was shining, and I needed exercise. So for 5 hours, I pushed carts with my cart attendant buddy. It was a fabulous time, and on Saturday I woke up so sore that I could barely move. But I still went for a run. And I endured the 7 hours of teasing later on at Target because I couldn't walk normally. I was that sore.
  • Today, I am sad to say that I did not work out, even though I have the day off. I wanted to go tonight, and I have a major headache now so it isn't going to happen. Its one thing that will definitely make me cancel plans, a headache. Because mine are pretty major. So I am chillin, and I'm pretty sure Molly is relieved.
  • I did go to Whole Foods today, and came across a fabulous find.... vegan cookie dough. They make vegan cookies, and so I thought I would ask if I could buy just raw dough. And yes, you can. Here is where it started.... I have a new obsession with cookie dough ice cream. But I don't like vanilla ice cream, or ice cream really at all for that matter. So I eat it for the cookie dough. This became a problem the other night when I bought Edy's and there was exactly 6 pieces of cookie dough in the entire thing. (And no, I did not eat the entire thing. But I did pick it totally apart to find the cookie dough, became pissed when I found 6 pieces, and now the rest is sitting in the freezer.) So I decided to just buy cookie dough.. might as well cut out the middle man and a bunch of calories from something I don't even like, right? Until my mother came down all upset because of the raw eggs. So voila.. vegan cookie dough it is. And its fabulous, and I highly recommend it.
  • Now, I am making dinner. Tonight, its a boca burger with Amy's Organic Mac n Cheese. I don't even remember the last time I had a dinner like that, and its funny how something like this went from being a healthy option, to an every-day option, and now a rare treat-option. It makes me feel proud of how far I have come. And after it gets dark, if my headache has gone away, maybe Molly and I will take a relaxing walk around my complex. For now, its dinner and Mr and Mrs Smith. Angie is a bad ass, and my girl crush, and Brad.. well, we all know how hot he is. So have a fab night everyone, I will be enjoying my last few hours of freedom to the fullest!!


Will Burke said...

I did carts F/T for 1 1/2 years, and was in great shape. I miss it, the jog & the shape.