Sunday, April 18, 2010

Not A Good Blogger...

Sorry guys. I suck lately. I haven't had much happen this past week that's interesting, and I've been super tired as you know. The good news is that I think I finally caught up on much needed sleep last night. I went shopping with a friend and came home and took a 2 hour nap. Went to bed for the night around midnight, and slept almost straight through till 11. It sucks because I wanted to get up early and go running, (powering through the knee pain!!) and get my grocery shopping done because I am seriously out of food. But I think my body needed to rest, so it is what it is. My knee still hurts but thanks to icing and ibuprofen, its getting better. So I am definitely going tomorrow. I feel bad, I can tell Molly misses it just in the way she is acting, so her knees are apparently fine lol. If I didn't have to work in 45 minutes, this wouldn't be an issue, but I do... stupid Target. And since I need to work till 8, groceries and running will wait till tomorrow afternoon. Ah well, I only work at Target three days next week, and I have the whole weekend off for my friend's wedding... very excited! Let's hope I look ok in my bridesmaid's dress!
Well, I better get ready for work now. Blah.. hope everyone else has a better Sunday afternoon!


Will Burke said...

It happens -- we've all had slumps & dry spells. Glad you're feeling better.

Averie @ Averie Cooks said...

Sorry you're in pain and have to work. Hugs!

As for the comment you left me, thank you for coming to my defense and for getting charged up on my behalf! Yes, ppl say the Rudest!! things to me sometimes and I dont get it, but hey, whatever I just try to shrug it off but thank you for your lovely comments and support always!

Unknown said...

Don't worry, we can just suck together.