Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Triple Tangent Tuesday

Happy Tuesday blends!!  It's that time of the week where you get to learn 3 useless things about me and love every second of the experience ;)

1)  My food cravings lately haven't gotten the memo that it's a jillion degrees outside because for some reason, I want Thanksgiving food.  I caved over the weekend and had this plate no less than three times.

 Mashed potatoes, gravy, carrots, sauteed mushrooms

Don't worry, I sometimes don't even make sense to myself.  I have no idea why I wanted such hot, heavy food in the heat of summer but I did and this hit. the. spot.

2)  My little bro is currently on a trip around the country on a Greyhound bus.  He was just in San Francisco camping with a friend, and is now on his way to East Jesus, Nowhere to be a park ranger or something for a couple of weeks.  I'm super stressed out about this because as you know, we are very close.  And he is going to be out of cell phone range for 3 whole weeks.  He just texted to let me know he made his last transfer and is going to be making it where he is going by 1 am. I responded by asking if he will have access to a gun for the time that he is out of civilization and roaming around with wild animals.  Apparently there is no gun, but there is bear mace.  WTF is bear mace???  You are telling me he is going to fend off some crazy mad 25,000 lb mama bear with some pepper spray?  I'm going to be a wreck for the next three weeks.  The good news is that his next stop after the remote mountain adventure is CARY NC and he will be staying with me for a few days :)  I can't wait!

3)  This morning I went to my first bodypump class in 3 weeks.  It was rough.. I could definitely use a leg massage right about now.  When I sit or lay in a certain position for more than 5 seconds a couple minutes, my legs are getting stuck in that position.  Getting out of bed tomorrow morning should be interesting!

I'm off to bed now, the lil bro is calling me at 1am when he gets to where he needs to be so I can speak to him one more time before he loses cell phone service.  He will need all my bear-escaping advice, plus I need to ask him to find a shower between there and here so that he doesn't stink up my new car when I pick him up :)  Have a great night everyone!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ahh, To Be In High School Again..

Heyyyy bloggy friends!  Sorry I've been gone so long, I've just been busy living life :)  I hope everyone had a fabulous mini vacation over the weekend.  I had to work Friday and Saturday nights, but I took Friday day off my full time job and spent it laying in the sun.  Actually, I spent all of Friday-Tuesday laying in the sun and swimming in the pool, getting tan and lightening my hair the white trash way... with lemon juice.  Don't judge.

 My view for most of the LONG weekend

In other news, during my absence on the internet I made a big decision, followed by a big purchase.  See, the thing is that I loved my Ford Explorer.  I've had it since 2005 and it was my first "real" car.  The Oldsmobile with no heat that I had for 2 Upstate NY winters and the cheap Subaru wagon that I hated from the minute I bought it don't count.  The explorer was the first car I bought that cost more than $3k, the first car that had less than 80k miles on it, and the first car that I bought because I loved it.  Sadly I can't find an exact picture of it right now, but here is the basic idea from google images:

That's actually exactly what it looked like.

Sadly, even though I loved this car and it was PAID OFF, it was developing some major problems so I had to trade it in :''(  Goodbye lovely Ford SUV.  Hello, lovely Nissan Altima.

 Isn't she pretty??  I heart her.

I do miss my explorer.  I prefer SUV's over cars any day but for now I will appreciate the working CD player, the Aux hookup, the working locks, the savings on gas, the lack of issues, and the fact that there are almost exactly 100k LESS miles on this car.  Actually, 105k less.

So that's what I've been up too.  Tooling around in my new ride with the windows down, blaring my music WAYY too loud while my lemon-lightened hair blows in the wind and people wonder if I'm Hispanic because of my lovely tan.  If only I was still in high school and didn't have this little issue of a JOB getting in the way of all my fun :)