Monday, April 25, 2011

My Poor Bathtub

I can't talk about food in this post.  Today was a massive fail on that front.  I'm talking half a smoothie for breakfast, an apple with cheese for lunch, and a small bowl of mac and cheese for dinner.  I'm not sure what the deal was with today but I wasn't hungry at ALL.  Not only not hungry, but I woke up feeling full for some reason and had that full feeling all day.  I guess I was due for it, since I eat about 5000 calories on some other days of the week.  Like Fridays, when I have nachos and a DQ blizzard.  I'll take the not hungry day.

Since I wasn't hungry for dinner and the calendar on my phone said it was time for Molly's frontline, it was bathtime for my little dog.  She gets a bath once a month, right before she gets frontline'd.  The vet told me it was waterproof, but when I told her I use people shampoo, she said that would wash it off.  Sorry, I like my dog to smell pretty, NOT like gross dog shampoo.  Into the tub she went.

Not sure about this..

OMG MOM!! IhatethisletmeoutpleasemomIhatethis.

All clean!

No worries, she was rewarded with a walk in the warm air to dry off and she was prancing her newly clean, frontline'd self like she was the hottest thing around.  She even saw a small dog and didn't try to kill it.  Progress.

The tub on the other hand, is a different story..



Anonymous said...

Our dog has gotten too big for baths at home. She can't take it. I can't take it. And my bathtub certainly can't take it. Off to the groomers she goes this weekend.