Monday, November 1, 2010

I'm Pretty Lame..

Hi everyone!!  Did you all have a good holiday weekend?  Halloween seems to have come and gone without a trace here.  I went outside at like 6 on Sunday night and did not see a single trick or treater.  It made me feel a little better about not accepting them at my apartment.  Molly would probably have a stroke with all that knocking so I avoid it :(   I did get a little share of the fun last weekend at a friend's pumpkin carving party.  (I did not carve.  I drank sangria and made fun of everyone else.  Someone had to do it.)

I also rocked these awesome tights

And these awesome eyelashes, which were hot pink BTW

It was a fun time :)  As for the actual Halloween weekend however, I was not in any sort of mood to do anything.  For starters, I gave blood on Friday.  This always makes me feel like crap for about 24 hours, just all kinds of headache-y and tired.  On top of that, Friday started the dreaded Time Of The Month.  Which for me is about as fun as it gets so I was enjoying cramps and headaches from that all weekend as well.  Friday night I knew I was doomed so my evening consisted of my bed and some of this..

It was pretty fabulous, minus the headache, cramps and foul mood.  Saturday night was basically the same, except swap in some unphoto'd pad Thai.  I did have a little fun on Saturday night though.  It started out innocently enough... see, I'm being really stubborn about not turning the heat on yet.  It's getting to be pretty cold at night so I bundle up and cover up and that's enough for me.  But then I started worrying a little about Molly... she sleeps on the floor, and I'm mean so she doesn't have a bed.  She was wrapped up in the tightest little ball and I was worried she might be cold.  I decided to put her in one of my old shirts to keep her comfy, so I went and put this red one on her. 

I had no clue how hilarious this would be.  This face just screams, "You're insane.  Take this off me NOW."  Oh my God, I was laughing so hard I was crying.  She wouldn't let me roll the sleeves up so she was kind of walking around all stiff legged and confused.  Eventually she lay down and went to sleep.  We took it off in the morning.  Oh, the fun I have torturing my little dog sometimes!

Well, I'm going to relax now and watch tonight's 90210.  I did the Jillian workout and I think it's time to sink into bed.  Have a great night :)


Jenny said...

Those pictures of Molly are priceless :)

Brittany @ A Healthy Slice of Life said...

omg, Molly looks adorable in your shirt!! SO cute! I worry about Koda getting cold, too. I tuck her in at night with my robe :)

PS- Gossip Girl and nachos cure everything!

danielle abroad said...

Haha, MOLLY! That's hysterical.

I did celebrate Halloween but inside I was feeling anything but festive. It's fine though, let's both make Thanksgiving epic ;) haha. Miss you!

JoeFarms said...

I have to bet that Molly would definitely be Lil Wayne approved

JoeFarms said...

Yeah I'm an idiot, meant to comment on the post that actually mentioned Lil Wayne, not the one about how you humiliated your dog. Sorry Rach :)