Tuesday, August 24, 2010

An Amazing Salad

You are all about to be treated to almost a full day of meals from me.  Crazy, I know, I don't think I've ever photo'd every meal of the day.  You're welcome :)

I woke up this morning all set to go running.  My breakfast/lunch was packed and ready to be picked up from the fridge, I drank a bunch of water last night, went to bed early, etc.  I was awake enough to get up before 6 so imagine my frustration when it was pouring rain at that time.  I'm just not hardcore enough to run in the rain.  Back to bed I went.  I will try again tomorrow but I promise as long as it isn't raining I will go!  I just got off the phone with my best friend, we promised each other that by the time we see each other at Christmas, we each will have lost 20 pounds.  Not to mention that I will also have Brittany to answer to :)

I was starving when I finally got up an hour later so I made my new favorite thing:

Toast with peanut butter, half a smashed banana, drizzled with honey.  It was easy, quick and filling.  I also ate a yogurt mess later in the morning, but I figure you can only see so many pictures of those :)  Lunch was the salad I promised you all yesterday.  I sat down and got it together, only to realize I had left my camera at my desk.  I went back to get it and Jenny said, "You better take a picture since you promised on the blog that you would!"  The perils of having IRL people reading the blog... ;)

Spinach, iceberg lettuce, dried cranberries, sunflower seeds, 1/2 avocado, 1/2 mango, feta cheese, topped with organic orange-cranberry vinaigrette.  It's really good, and actually very filling.  I never cease to be surprised when a salad fills me up without any bread or anything else.  I think it must be the fats in the avocado, mango and seeds.  Either way it's a good thing!

After a painfully long boring day at work, I came home and made dinner.  I realized that I'm in a serious pasta slump lately with all the shrimp pasta and mac n cheese.  It seems like every night I have some variety of pasta.  Tonight I decided (grudgingly) to break pattern.

Two over easy eggs and cinnamon raisin Ezekiel toast with Earth Balance.  It was filling but not super satisfying.  I am a carb freak and as such, I tend to wayy overeat pasta and breads.  When I realize that it's out of control and I start to cut back, I have cravings and get a little miserable.  Don't misunderstand, I am definitely not advocating low carb.  I clearly had 3 pieces of bread, granola, and a bunch of fruit today.  But for me it's not about what I eat, it's about portion size.  I let myself eat as much fruits and veggies as I want but portioning pasta is hard for me.  I can easily put back half a box in one sitting when a serving size is actually 1/7 of the box.  At 200 calories a serving, that means without paying attention I can eat up to 700 calories worth of pasta and that doesn't count the sauce, cheese, olive oil, etc that I top it with.  I also don't count calories and don't believe they are all created equal, but I DO know that packing away 1000 calories without even realizing it isn't a good thing.  So I need to cut back to "regular" sizes even if it means being a little miserable for a couple of days.  I will adjust :)

I'm out now peeps.  I gotta prepare to run tomorrow and hope it doesn't rain.  Have a fabulous night :)


Brittany @ A Healthy Slice of Life said...

I'm totally wogging this morning, so you better get your butt out there, too!

just kidding... I'm not hard core enough to run in the rain either, so I forgive you ;)